Jetstar Complaints

Won't send Tax Invoice!

Hey guys, In need of some help.

Has anyone else here had troubles getting tax invoices from Jetstar? Every time I request one I get sent a flight itinerary with NO invoice attached? I've tried 10+ times and the same thing keeps happening! Any fellow Australians know what hoop I need to jump through to make this happen?

Please come through for me!


I contacted Jetstar Holidays 2 weeks ago regarding a booking WHICH STARTS IN 4 DAYS.
I was instructed to obtain a doctors medical certificate and to call back again (easy to say) to get instructions for where to send it to request a compassionate cancellation due to Ill health.
I'v also tried online chat but get told to ring the phone number. All I need is an email address to send the certificate so please can someone help?
I called back last Wednesday and waited over 1 ½ hrs no answer, I called on Thursday for over an hour still no answer, and again on friday 3 times...

Flight cancelled, then they rebooked me on Qantas and downgraded me

Business class seat booked on Jetstar to Bali tomorrow. They SMS'd flight cancelled due to "Engineering requirements."The helpful Chat person offered a later flight. Is it still Business" I enquired. "Yes" he said. Only told me the flight times, not airline. Turns out to be Qantas and now I'm in Economy. Qantas. not unreasonably, said they can't change the booking as it wasn't made through them. Jetstar says they can't change a Qantas booking (They apparently could make the booking initially). And no refund can be made.

Lost baggage

hey guys,

7 weeks in to lost baggage. Had Jetstar ring after 1.5 weeks randomly and say they found it. Numerous contact attempts and no one knows about it. i get a response maybe every 7 days to one of 10 emails i send a week. They all say the same thing. I applied for reimbursement and am just getting the same programmed “we are doing our best” “thanks for your patience” “we are still reviewing”.

They are absolutely taking the piss, so i put a claim in at VCAT.

Any luck with this from anyone else?

I have to cancel my Flight tomorrow on medical grounds but have not been able to contact Jetstar despite hours of trying.CHATBOT does not respond

I have been trying to cancel my return flight to Thailand scheduled. to leave tomorrow on medical grounds with JETSTAR.
It has been impossible.
I cannot get through to Jetstar.
Not through the online portal....
Not by phone...
My attempts go through a loop that leads nowhere...
I have sent an email to 'customer care' .

I got an automated message saying that they did not receive my email.

I tried for hours this afternoon and eventually I got an online 'virtual assistant' and this assistant said they would contact me.
They did not get...

Cancelled Flight 35 minutes pre-takeoff and refuse refund

My Jetstar flight this morning was cancelled by Jetstar 35 minutes before takeoff at 0605 and Jetstar refuse to reimburse me. The NZ Consumer Guarantees Act says that if Jetstar cancels a service they need to reimburse passengers if a change is unsuitable. I was due to help a friend in hospital and a later flight was unsuitable. The Jetstar overseas based office was unaware of NZ Law and insisted they could not reimburse the fares. My PNR is CQKSNE. JQ251, Returning JQ258.

Request for Assistance with Lost Luggage Issue

I am reaching out to you today to seek your assistance with a lost luggage issue that I am currently experiencing with Jetstar Airways. During my recent flight on [JQ38 and 7th March], my luggage was lost in transit and despite multiple attempts to contact Jetstar's customer service team, I have yet to receive a resolution.

I understand that lost luggage incidents can occur, but the lack of response and assistance from Jetstar Airways has been disappointing. I am hoping that as Senior Customer Care at Jetstar Airways, you may be able to provide me with guidance or escalate my case...

At the mercy of their cancellations

Have had a lot of heartache with Jetstar recently but today was the final straw 😢
Long awaited concert tickets to see Rod Stewart in Sydney , booked last year ( second booking as cancelled first time from Covid) accomodation , days off work , only to arrive at Cairns Airport To be told flight was cancelled due to operational reasons . The best they could do is get us to Sydney later that night after concert has started and providing it’s not cancelled or delayed I guess . They did send an email at 3am in the morning , I was completely unaware of this until after being told at...

Rude Gate Staff

14 March 2023 Jetstar Flight JQ295

I just want to share a very sad and humiliating experience with JETSTAR Airline. Me and my partner with our 1 year old baby was in JQ295 flight coming from Auckland to Queenstown. We always get Jetstar ever since (before baby) but it was always a smooth and easy peasy flight. But this time, we flew with a baby for the first time.


We arrived like 7am to checked in our 1 big...

Don't fly jetstar

I have had a bad experience with jetstar before but my partner surprised me with a return airfare to see my son in qld returning with jetstar! Returning to Adelaide from Brisbane on Tuesday l got to the airport early to find jetstar had delayed the flight...twice! Also they changed the gate number 3 times and l was so stressed running around the huge Brisbane airport trying to find the right gate! In all l waited at the airport for 5 hours! At long last we boarded and sat in our seats. Jetstar crew told us they were refuleing so it would take a little bit longer for departure Next the...

Different baggage weighing

My wife flew from Gold Coast to Melbourne for a connecting flight to Thailand. Weight from GC was 21kg. Same bag weighed in Melbourne was 25kg so they made my wife take 3kgs out. They were arrogantly unresponsive to my wife's bag being allowed from Gold Coast. After taking items out she weighed at different check in to find she could add 3kgs back. Such a lack of humanity from the staff.
I stopped flying with Qantas 20 years ago and we will never fly Jetstar either.

$65 excess baggage for duty free

Had an international flight cancelled on me by Jetstar (direct from Queenstown to Melbourne). Only flights not 3+ days from original departure date were transits to Sydney first, then Melbourne.

Purchased 4kg of duty free bringing me up to 3kg over limits. Specifically asked airport AND Jetstar staff if it’s included in weight, they said no. So I purchased! And wasn’t charged from Queenstown to Sydney.

To my shock horror - weighed at Sydney Airport during the transit and slugged $65. Why even bother buying duty free especially if it was communicated to me that it was ok? And...

Flight Cancelled

Flight from Perth to Melbourne cancelled with 4 hours notice. Had these flights booked for months. No alternative offered so absolutely in limbo. Ended up paying $1200 for new tickets with a much better airline.

Lesson learned: I will never even consider booking with this sham of an airline again. The sooner they go bust, the better for everyone.

Last minute cancellations further delays - no compensation

JQ 029 Melbourne to Phuket-
Bags are packed we are moments from leaving where we are to go to the airport and the dreaded text from Jetstar pings.
Our house minder is in place the animals taken care of. We can’t go back home.
Our flight was only 4 hrs from scheduled departure.
Reason for the cancellation and 24hrs delay was engineering ? Engineering what ? (however it was most likely they decided to take the plane and direct it elsewhere- couldn’t get any detail from them)
Even though we had to cancel accommodation (1st night in Phuket) and then find last...

Flight cancelled

I was told my flight was cancelled so i rebooked on another airline for the following day only to find out my original flight was still scheduled and flew as planned, nearly $1000 spent on new flights accommodation and transfers, wont be flying jetstar again.

Flight delayed by more than 12 hours - no way to cancel accommodation that we couldn't use as a result of the delay - cannot contact Jetstar Holidays from overseas

Our flight from Darwin to Bali was delayed by more than 12 hours - we did not get notice until shortly after midnight (when of course everyone asleep in preparation for early flight. This was, of course, too late to make changes to onward bookings.

As a result missed flight out of Bali by about 2 hours and had to rebook entire business-class trip to Europe.

Between the return flight from Europe and the jetstar flight from Bali back to Darwin we had booked a hotel for one night. As a result of having to rebook our flights from Bali to Europe, we could not use the Bali hotel...

Worst service

Firstly, we were not aware that the “manage booking” online service wouldn’t work once the check in is open. We wanted to add more baggage online but it wouldn’t allow so even though there is no such policy
In jetstar to clearly state that passengers cannot manage booking online two hours before departure. Fine, at last we were charged $25 per kg and paid about $175 in total. But this is not the worst, the check in operator charged us without telling us our baggage would not be loaded onto the flight (JQ212 from Auckland to Melbourne) and we only found out after we landed and waited...

2 flights cancelled and baggage lost in 1 week

First, they cancelled my flight from Bali to Sydney on 11 December.
Next, they cancelled my flight from Sydney to Auckland on 18 December.
Finally, they flew from Sydney on 19 December, but they left my checked baggage in Sydney.

I have NEVER flown Jetstar pre-pandemic because I know of its terrible reputation (and also of that one time, Jetstar refused to let me check in, even though I arrived 2 minutes late after being stuck in traffic).
But the 2022 flight prices have been terrible, so I gave up my values to save a few hundred dollars, but I have never...

Flight cancelled back to back two consecutive days - Melbourne to Singapore 12-13-Dec-22

Booked to fly for family reunion after 3 years of waiting post pandemic. In for total disaster. Jetstar has cancelled flights not once but twice on two consecutive days from Melbourne to SIngapore. We had connecting flights with other careers and had to reschedule them twice by paying hefty sum. There was ruthless response from customer care that they will not make any reimbursement for charges incurred because of this total mess. The customer care given was highly unethical. Cancellation of day 2 flight was not even informed until the arrival of airport to the check-in counter.


verh bad conpanies

hi this is the second time that the conpanies jetstar delays my flight for 2 hours without notifying me first i don't think it's fair that a person pays for 8 flight but makes 10 .

they should give at least something in return i hope this conpanies get better and try to dont choice this conpanies any more i will not

Jetstar cancelled our flight home from Bali and chaos ensued. Couldn't get home for 3 days.

- On October 15th, we were due to fly home from Bali at 2pm. Our path was meant to be Bali, Stopover in Melbourne, then Auckland. After checking our bags and waiting at the airport, Jetstar sends a notification to say that the flight has been cancelled and moved to the next day at 7am. That means we are stuck in Bali for a night. This also means we will miss our connecting flight which was due to leave later that day in Melbourne.
- We gather at the Jetstar check-in area and pick up our bags which had to be taken off the plane, this took forever as there were 2 staff using one...

Both flights cancelled

Flight from Sydney to Gold Coast cancelled on Friday Oct 28th and then return flight also cancelled on Sunday Oct 30th. Really Jetstar? People can’t live with such uncertainty, and it all seems to be driven by greed. If the plane is not full then they don’t fly. It’s made worse because you have to wait for over an hour to make alternative arrangements. Joyce and Goyder are really horrible people.