Jetstar Complaints

Promise to pay for hotel accomodation and meals, now won’t pay.

We arrived in Sydney, after being delayed in Bali overnight as they couldn’t find enough crew to staff the plane.
Due to this, our bus tickets to Canberra were cancelled, and no buses available to Canberra that late at night. Contacted a Jetstar representative, who in a chat transcript pre approved accomodation to $200, meals to $90.
Guess what, now refusing to reimburse us. And our new and old bus tickets , of course not. The $200 extra for Bali Visa’s , Nup ! Out of pocket around $700, plus lost a days pay.

Never Flying Jetstar Again!!!

After my experience again this week I would never use Jetstar again!!!
- Made us pay extra luggage when luggage was included in our booking (they made a mistake overcharging us, but then later said luggage is non refundable even though it was there mistake)
- Extremely unhelpful with the booking and trying to make changes
- There was a time we had to meet to be able to make a change to our booking, and becuase we were on hold for 45minutes we missed it by 5minutes, they refused to help and were so blunt about not helping

Such a bad experience AVOID JETSTAR AT ALL...


To Jetstar
Thank you again for contacting Jetstar and for giving us the opportunity to further explain our response to your request.

After over 3 months of trying to reach you to solve a simple request,  I find myself in a position where I have to let you know, along with the rest of the misguided Public. Just how BAD your organisation is!!!!!!!!!As an Aged Pensioner, living these tough times harder than most, the REFUND you officially were entitled to pay me took over 20 hours on the phone(mostly on hold ) to your supposed...

Booked Window but forced to move the seats even after paying for the same

Booked a flight well ahead after paying for the windows and middle seat. Even after going through all checkin and security and was sitting on the plane was asked to move seats without any apology.
Promised to have a windows seat in replacement and the luggage to be moved but nothing happened.
Caused a lot of inconvinience during the flight while sitting in Aisle and even had a struggle getting my luggage from ovehead compartment which was 15 rows behind my new seat.

Lost Luggage/No Compensation

I flew Jetstar to Honolulu with my 13 year old daughter. We hadn’t had a holiday for 6 years so this was going to be special. I could only afford a week after saving hard for our holiday. I had no luggage for my entire trip. They delivered it the day we were leaving to come home.
I had to buy everything - toiletries, underwear, bathers, shorts, shoes, make up, new suitcase to bring everything home. Now I had two lots of luggage to bring home.
As instructed by Jetstar, I kept my receipts and upon my return I sent copies of everything to Jetstar. The Jetstar employee who was...

Jetstar won't return my money!

I booked a flight with Jetstar during the pandemic, but it was canceled in 2021. Instead of a refund, I received a credit voucher. I have since relocated from Australia and can no longer use the vouchers. I requested a refund in September 2023. However, I still haven't received my money, and the vouchers are no longer valid. It seems like Jetstar has essentially withheld my money. I've reached out to their customer care team at least four times since September, and each time, they claim there's an issue with processing the refund. They ask for my bank account details again and tell me to...

Cancelled Flights, Cairns Hobart

Having just found this website I realise the only option is to cease flying on Jetstar. Flying to Hobart, one leg was cancelled involving 7 hour wait at Sydney, (trains at Sydney also cancelled but I guess that not Jetstars fault). Coming home to Cairns, one leg cancelled involving an overnight in Melbourne. Our seats were double booked on that flight but luckily there were two spare ones. Previous trip was to Queenstown and one leg of that was cancelled. Impossible to trust now, but that seems to be the norm

Cancelled flight...again.

My wife was booked on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane at 8pm this evening to make a connecting international flight to Europe from Brisbane...We drove several hours to get to Sydney from Tamworth.......the Sydney to Brisbane flight was then cancelled and passengers were informed there were no further flights available that evening.....needless to say all passengers were now stranded in Sydney. Of course my wife has now missed the international connecting flight and was meant to attend a wedding the following day.....what happens now..?? We drive back to Tamworth as it's pointless trying...

Jetstar booked us on the wrong date

My wife booked return flights to Qeensland and selected the right dates. However, when she got the itinerary, the wrong departure date was entered. She phoned Jetstar but they refused to acknowledge the mistake of their website and she had to pay $160 extra to "change" the booking. From the complaints I've read on this site, this is quite a common occurance. This is a scam and I wonder if anyone is going to sue them about this.

Delay 14 hours at the gate

Happening today. I get up 3:30am to catch a 6:40am flight to Gold Coast. At the gate after check in they firstly advised it will be delayed to 7:30am, then at 7:50am we got a text advising it will be delayed to 8:35PM for operational reason. For my entire trip history I took Jetstar twice and last time my flight was cancelled 3 hours before departure as they think the passages are too less.

Have to swear again that I would never fly with Jetstar in the future.

Pathetic service where lies involved 29/07/2023

I flew from Gold Coast to Perth. There was a layover of 5 hours in Sydney. They did not specify anywhere to us that we will have to check out and check in again luggage in Sydney after 4 hours for the flight to Perth. They just told us this at Gold Coast airport that they are short of staff.

More worse to this,I have left my phone in the toilet just in front of the boarding area. I have showed my boarding pass to Jetstar executive while walking towards to aircraft,I realised I left my phone in the toddler toilet where I was changing my son nappy. She said she cannot allow me to...

Jetstar Concierge (luggage) Nazi (Gold Coast)

I invite the CEO of Jetstar - Stephanie Tully (who is appealing to Australians for their support), to fly her own airline, on her birthday and experience the same BS "Happy Birthday" Nazi luggage treatment as we got last week. There is no consistency - one week they say cabin limit is 10kg, other times they dont check, yet on my partners birthday we experienced the bulldog Jetstar Concierge Nazi. She even chased us down before boarding to screw a further $65 from us. She even radioed security when I video'd the proceedings.


Cancelled and refused refund

Booked to visit Melbourne from Perth for the weekend from 30/06/23 to 03/07/23. Cancelled on 6 hours notice due to staffing shortages. The only alternatives they offered where taking 12+ hours starting on the Saturday morning to arrive Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was due to be flying back a day later with Virgin.

They are refusing to refund me, for what amounts to $650 for the return trip. I am in the process of drafting my reply to them stating Australian Consumer Law. Is anyone able to advise on that??

Over eager hand luggage fine.

So I left my house this morning with my hand luggage below 7kgs. As it was brisk morning, I had heavy jacket on. Before my connecting flight I’m Sydney, I put my jacket in my hand luggage. While waiting for flight an JS staff member trollies this portable scale around and fined me for exceeding the 7kg rule. Explaining was useless and me offering to check it in was also unacceptable. They want their money!!!! Disgusted I’ll never use them again..

Closing of Gate Earlier than Expected

We checked in our Flight # JQ794 for 10.30am online on 8th June. The digital boarding passes does not show the gate number. We waited patiently for the gate number to display on the departure screen on 10th June & nothing was displayed till 10am. It takes 7 - 10 minutes to walk to the gate. By the time we got to gate number 49 it was 10.10am, the Jetstar airport staff told us the gate is closed. We were explaining to her that the departure screen only displayed the gate number so how can they closed the gate so soon.

We spoke to a young family & they got to the gate at 10....

How I got a bit of fairness in under 3 hours

Usual kind of rip off stuff.
I went through the agent chat.
After some time I started requesting supervisor.
The chat cut off as I had to go get kids from school.
I came back and tried again using references from past chat. This time I also started mentioning how they were in breach of ACC regulations. I mentioned
Procurement Advisory Notice 4/2020 request I advise the QPP Compliance Unit about it
May I have your supervisors name so I can pass it on to the Compliance Unit?

After this and lots of waiting but REPEATING my request I final got a fair...

Charged for someones else meal and wine.

Whilst flying from Brisbane to Bali, the lady in the seat next to me ordered a meal and wine. It was debited from my credit card. Jetstar said I would not have been charged for it if I didnt order it. I told them that I did not order it as I cant eat chicken wraps as I am Celiac, and I dont drink alcahol, ever. Bye Bye Jetstar, No more flights from me. Took 20 mins on the phone to achieve nothing.

Won't send Tax Invoice!

Hey guys, In need of some help.

Has anyone else here had troubles getting tax invoices from Jetstar? Every time I request one I get sent a flight itinerary with NO invoice attached? I've tried 10+ times and the same thing keeps happening! Any fellow Australians know what hoop I need to jump through to make this happen?

Please come through for me!


I contacted Jetstar Holidays 2 weeks ago regarding a booking WHICH STARTS IN 4 DAYS.
I was instructed to obtain a doctors medical certificate and to call back again (easy to say) to get instructions for where to send it to request a compassionate cancellation due to Ill health.
I'v also tried online chat but get told to ring the phone number. All I need is an email address to send the certificate so please can someone help?
I called back last Wednesday and waited over 1 ½ hrs no answer, I called on Thursday for over an hour still no answer, and again on friday 3 times...

Flight cancelled, then they rebooked me on Qantas and downgraded me

Business class seat booked on Jetstar to Bali tomorrow. They SMS'd flight cancelled due to "Engineering requirements."The helpful Chat person offered a later flight. Is it still Business" I enquired. "Yes" he said. Only told me the flight times, not airline. Turns out to be Qantas and now I'm in Economy. Qantas. not unreasonably, said they can't change the booking as it wasn't made through them. Jetstar says they can't change a Qantas booking (They apparently could make the booking initially). And no refund can be made.

Lost baggage

hey guys,

7 weeks in to lost baggage. Had Jetstar ring after 1.5 weeks randomly and say they found it. Numerous contact attempts and no one knows about it. i get a response maybe every 7 days to one of 10 emails i send a week. They all say the same thing. I applied for reimbursement and am just getting the same programmed “we are doing our best” “thanks for your patience” “we are still reviewing”.

They are absolutely taking the piss, so i put a claim in at VCAT.

Any luck with this from anyone else?

I have to cancel my Flight tomorrow on medical grounds but have not been able to contact Jetstar despite hours of trying.CHATBOT does not respond

I have been trying to cancel my return flight to Thailand scheduled. to leave tomorrow on medical grounds with JETSTAR.
It has been impossible.
I cannot get through to Jetstar.
Not through the online portal....
Not by phone...
My attempts go through a loop that leads nowhere...
I have sent an email to 'customer care' .

I got an automated message saying that they did not receive my email.

I tried for hours this afternoon and eventually I got an online 'virtual assistant' and this assistant said they would contact me.
They did not get...

Cancelled Flight 35 minutes pre-takeoff and refuse refund

My Jetstar flight this morning was cancelled by Jetstar 35 minutes before takeoff at 0605 and Jetstar refuse to reimburse me. The NZ Consumer Guarantees Act says that if Jetstar cancels a service they need to reimburse passengers if a change is unsuitable. I was due to help a friend in hospital and a later flight was unsuitable. The Jetstar overseas based office was unaware of NZ Law and insisted they could not reimburse the fares. My PNR is CQKSNE. JQ251, Returning JQ258.