I have to cancel my Flight tomorrow on medical grounds but have not been able to contact Jetstar despite hours of trying.CHATBOT does not respond

I have been trying to cancel my return flight to Thailand scheduled. to leave tomorrow on medical grounds with JETSTAR.
It has been impossible.
I cannot get through to Jetstar.
Not through the online portal....
Not by phone...
My attempts go through a loop that leads nowhere...
I have sent an email to 'customer care' .

I got an automated message saying that they did not receive my email.

I tried for hours this afternoon and eventually I got an online 'virtual assistant' and this assistant said they would contact me.
They did not get back to me.
I have been trying to send them the following email ( which I have edited )

We are requesting a full refund on compassionate grounds.
I am sorry that this cancellation is being made so late, but I have tried to provide JETSTAR with the train of events that have led to this.
I was not well last week and saw my G.P. last Saturday and he referred me for a chest X RAY.
I had a chest X RAY on Monday.
I saw the G.P.on Tuesday.
The X RAY showed infection in the lower area of my lung.
I had been taking two lots of antibiotics since Saturday but still felt quite unwell.
I had a consultation this afternoon with the same G.P. and it is his view that I should not fly tomorrow.
I have a persistent hacking cough.
I am sure that no airline would want me coughing all over the other passengers (even with a mask on)...and I do not feel well.

Also, my husband developed pain in his lower back which travelled to his leg last Sunday.
He saw a local G.P. (our G.P. Clinic was closed on Sunday with no appointments available until Tuesday).
When the Doctor saw my husband and examined him. He referred him for one scan which showed that the problem was not in the veins of the leg.
My husband in severe pain and unable to walk without assistance.
The next available appointment with our regular G.P. (who is excellent) was on Tuesday.

Our G.P. examined my husband and referred him for ultrasounds and X RAYS.
The G.P. observed that my husband needed help e.g. even removing his shoes and could not walk without difficulty or bear weight on his right leg, etc.
Husband had the ultrasounds and X RAYS at the Pathology Service at their next available appointment which was Wednesday and our G.P. . received the results this afternoon.

Husband was still in severe pain (slightly alleviated by anti-inflammatory medication that our G.P.had prescribed) .

Late this afternoon our G.P. called with husband's X RAY results and provided a diagnosis..
G.P. advised my husband to rest AND said that he cannot sit in the one. position for extended periods (he is mostly lying on his side with one leg raised) and could not fly tomorrow.

I contacted the Travel Agent Luxury Escapes earlier today, recognising that we needed to cancel the trip to Thailand due to our medical conditions and Beyond Resort offered us a refund.
they were amazingly helpful and very easy to get in contact with.

A customer service person from Luxury Escapes (who was wonderful) said that said that Jetstar were not able to offer us anything other than possibly rebooking the flight which we cannot do at present as these health issues must be resolved before we can book a date to travel. She said that I could try to contact them directly.

In anticipation of our comfort I had also paid extra on top of the already very expensive fares to Thailand organised by Luxury Escapes (over $2,900 AUS for two adults return tickets from Melbourne to Phuket).

I find this quite extraordinary.
I tried to find a phone number for Jetstar this afternoon but could only find an online chat bot.
Later through this website (!) I found a number and called. No answer.
I engaged with what I presume to be the chat bot (but I had no way of knowing) and they said that they would contact me and I kept my mobile line free for hours and waited on my laptop but I did not receive a call back.

We would like to be refunded for the amount that the tickets cost on compassionate grounds.
Clearly we can provide medical evidence to support our claim.

I understand that many businesses are short staffed at present and that workers are stretched to the limit but a customer should be able to get in touch with an airline and speak to someone to notify them if they need to cancel a booking.
I did try the app but it just kept crashing...

So I have not spoken to anyone at Jetstar and I certainly do not hold any individual workers accountable.

But why can customers not get in contact with this airline ????

The booking agency, Luxury Escapes have been very helpful and very kind.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


I am hoping for a refund and

I am hoping for a refund and an explanation as to why customers cannot get in contact with an airline.