Jetstar Concierge (luggage) Nazi (Gold Coast)

I invite the CEO of Jetstar - Stephanie Tully (who is appealing to Australians for their support), to fly her own airline, on her birthday and experience the same BS "Happy Birthday" Nazi luggage treatment as we got last week. There is no consistency - one week they say cabin limit is 10kg, other times they dont check, yet on my partners birthday we experienced the bulldog Jetstar Concierge Nazi. She even chased us down before boarding to screw a further $65 from us. She even radioed security when I video'd the proceedings.

I say Jetstar, look at how you are screwing your customers on service, nazi fees, flight cancellations etc etc before you appeal to your customers who you regularly screw over.

If cabin luggage weight is such an issue, then why dont you initiate a world first "Jetstars unique FatFk fee", say for anyone over 100kg?

Australia-Gold Coast