Closing of Gate Earlier than Expected

We checked in our Flight # JQ794 for 10.30am online on 8th June. The digital boarding passes does not show the gate number. We waited patiently for the gate number to display on the departure screen on 10th June & nothing was displayed till 10am. It takes 7 - 10 minutes to walk to the gate. By the time we got to gate number 49 it was 10.10am, the Jetstar airport staff told us the gate is closed. We were explaining to her that the departure screen only displayed the gate number so how can they closed the gate so soon.

We spoke to a young family & they got to the gate at 10.07am & was told the gate was closed. If Jetstar closes their gate 20 mins prior to their departure, why this family was turned away. We suspected the crew members for flight # JQ794 had boarded their passengers 10 minutes earlier than expected. Therefore, they decided to close the gate at 10am instead of 10.10am. About 20+ passengers had missed their flight & we had to pay $75 per person to board the next available flight at 12.30pm on flight # JQ796.

I contacted Jetstar last week via Live Chat & was informed they had us boarded the 10.30am flight which we didn't. The plane only departed at 10.42am & they had plenty of time to board us who already at the gate at 10.10am. We want our refund of $150 as we were not late. Definitely not going to fly with Jetstar again.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Australia-Sunshine Coast


Please contact me for

Please contact me for solution.