Never Flying Jetstar Again!!!

After my experience again this week I would never use Jetstar again!!!
- Made us pay extra luggage when luggage was included in our booking (they made a mistake overcharging us, but then later said luggage is non refundable even though it was there mistake)
- Extremely unhelpful with the booking and trying to make changes
- There was a time we had to meet to be able to make a change to our booking, and becuase we were on hold for 45minutes we missed it by 5minutes, they refused to help and were so blunt about not helping

Such a bad experience AVOID JETSTAR AT ALL COSTS

New Zealand-Auckland
Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


My first flight was cancelled

My first flight was cancelled - could only get through to a bot - zero customer service - managed on my own to navigate a dysfunctional system to get another flight 5 hours later- missed a family lunch - When I made my booking with Jetstar in order to continue I was forced to include 15kg baggage - I only took hand luggage - this was 1 kilo over but they still charged me $65 dollars although I had a 15kg allowance- refused to put it in the hold.
Never ever flying again - Qantas is an embarrassment to Australia- so many international travellers experience this lack of customer service and last minute cancellations- it is as if Qantas thinks it does not have to provide any customer care and a reliable service cos government will always bail them out - they are ripping off their customers right left and centre - I am contacting the ombudsman regarding this and others should do the same