To Jetstar
Thank you again for contacting Jetstar and for giving us the opportunity to further explain our response to your request.

After over 3 months of trying to reach you to solve a simple request,  I find myself in a position where I have to let you know, along with the rest of the misguided Public. Just how BAD your organisation is!!!!!!!!!As an Aged Pensioner, living these tough times harder than most, the REFUND you officially were entitled to pay me took over 20 hours on the phone(mostly on hold ) to your supposed customer service staff in the Philippines. All with FALSE names and total lack of any skills. Let alone the English language!!!!!!!

THIS was followed up with over 40 emails sent to you, ………
All that I achieved from this was FUCK ALL………..
You bombarded me with LIE after LIE after LIE   promising refunds and the like, and then to add insult to the injury. Offering me a $50 voucher as your supposed refund didn’t reach me within 14 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a CROCK OF SHIT!!!!!!  As the refund was never released……..
I have all the Emails on record. And if you go to my case file you will be aware of this….
If it wasn't for my persistence in this matter. it would never have been resolved and this should not be the case for others that are less equipped to take you Bastards on..........
All I have to say to you , Is that you are the most ,
DISGUSTNG,     DICEITFUL,      and    IGNORANT Organisation   and I truly hope that you along with your disgraced Parent Company QANTAS, Rot in hell, which is where most Aussies. Would prefer you to be.

I have sent a Detailed Timeline of All communication with you to a   major  Media outlet, and am looking forward to the outcome!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Australia-Gold Coast