Jetstar booked us on the wrong date

My wife booked return flights to Qeensland and selected the right dates. However, when she got the itinerary, the wrong departure date was entered. She phoned Jetstar but they refused to acknowledge the mistake of their website and she had to pay $160 extra to "change" the booking. From the complaints I've read on this site, this is quite a common occurance. This is a scam and I wonder if anyone is going to sue them about this.

Australia-Hamilton Island


I won’t be using Jetstar

I won’t be using Jetstar again
Today last straw
Checked in bags
Went thru security
Bought a drink
Went to loo
Headed to gate
Was told to be there 20 mins before
As we were
Arrived at gate
Knowone at desk
I looked at computer on desk
Our information on screen open for anyone to access
Saying no show 30 mins before flight
When told to be there 20 mins before
Knowone came back to attend the desk until 15 mins after flight left
I was waving at pilots trying to say
We need to be on the plane
His can they leave a desk unattended before flight leaves ?
Thing we were there when told to be ????
Had previous problems with Jetstar 4 times
Previous they lost my bag
Then gave it to someone else
According to tags on my bag
Minus some contents
Likev3k worth
I gave up trying to fight that
Another they cancelled flight and caused endless costs in rebooking stuff . They rebooked us on seperate flights not direct . One going Qld other Melb before going to Perth .
Third they overbooked a flight and had to go on flight two hours later .
Another spent two hours waiting for delayed flight
Haven’t had a positive experience yet