Over eager hand luggage fine.

So I left my house this morning with my hand luggage below 7kgs. As it was brisk morning, I had heavy jacket on. Before my connecting flight I’m Sydney, I put my jacket in my hand luggage. While waiting for flight an JS staff member trollies this portable scale around and fined me for exceeding the 7kg rule. Explaining was useless and me offering to check it in was also unacceptable. They want their money!!!! Disgusted I’ll never use them again..

New Zealand-Auckland


I don’t ever complain but

I don’t ever complain but this is totally horrendous they got extra $65 in their pockets from us Simply charged us with 1 kg extra on our carry-on luggage which is 15kg instead of 14kg that we were allowed to have. What a joke lol 😂. I know it’s a budget airline they gotta make money from somewhere but this is totally ridiculous.

Well! Jetstar has lost our business for good. 😡

Tom Pham,

Tom Pham,
Tom what you can do in future, even if your flying to a place where it is hot for holiday, wear a puffer jacket with plenty of big pockets at check- in and put lots of stuff your taking on the holiday into the puffer jacket your wearing. If your flying “JETSTAR with a 7 kg limit” on carry-on, the airline cannot count anything that your wearing in the carry- on weight limit, that is how to get around there strict weight limits. We do this on a regulate basis, when we go on holiday both domestically and internationally.