Pathetic service where lies involved 29/07/2023

I flew from Gold Coast to Perth. There was a layover of 5 hours in Sydney. They did not specify anywhere to us that we will have to check out and check in again luggage in Sydney after 4 hours for the flight to Perth. They just told us this at Gold Coast airport that they are short of staff.

More worse to this,I have left my phone in the toilet just in front of the boarding area. I have showed my boarding pass to Jetstar executive while walking towards to aircraft,I realised I left my phone in the toddler toilet where I was changing my son nappy. She said she cannot allow me to leave the aircraft due to security reasons,I understood it. She also added that they can go and check the toilet. I trusted her the way she presented her words. After some time, she came to me and told me that there was no phone there. I was shocked as I knew the exact place where I left the phone.

I could not do anything at that time. I came to Perth and traced my phone's location. I found it in the toilet then I have called Sydney airport, it was with them at lost property office. I have made n numbers of calls to Jetstar to help in getting my phone from Sydney airport to Perth and yesterday they have emailed me that unfortunately they could not find my phone. Now my phone is coming via courier from Sydney airport for which I had to pay $106. I should get a refund of this money . But they won't refund me. I have got all in emails to show their pathetic service.

Thank you



I Just want a refund of what

I Just want a refund of what I had to pay for their mistake.