Lost Luggage/No Compensation

I flew Jetstar to Honolulu with my 13 year old daughter. We hadn’t had a holiday for 6 years so this was going to be special. I could only afford a week after saving hard for our holiday. I had no luggage for my entire trip. They delivered it the day we were leaving to come home.
I had to buy everything - toiletries, underwear, bathers, shorts, shoes, make up, new suitcase to bring everything home. Now I had two lots of luggage to bring home.
As instructed by Jetstar, I kept my receipts and upon my return I sent copies of everything to Jetstar. The Jetstar employee who was allocated my case, informed me that unless I filled in their official form my refund would not proceed. Heir official form required4 boxes to be filled out for every item. As I had over 50 items this was going to take a very long time.
As this problem was caused by Jetstar and I had furnished them with all of my receipts I believe that should have been the extent of my requirements. I feel like I should have been on their payroll, as this job should have been completed by Jetstar. Written by Rachel Bell. Still waiting

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
United States-Honolulu