Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken's son has been uncovered as the man who urinated on passengers of a Jetstar flight. Mrs Aitken says she is embarrassed and humiliated by her son and that she could never condone his unthinkable actions - flying with Jetstar.

Ruth Aitken broke down as she told GetF@ct that she and her husband were mortified. Why their son would choose to fly with the beyond budget airline was mystifying.

"Michael has done some silly things in his time, but this takes the cake. He claims to have absolutely no recollection of the event, but that is no excuse. Getting on board a Jetstar flight will take some serious explaining when he gets home."

Passengers said Aitken only realised he was flying on Jetstar when he was subjected to the absolutely awful service, lack of leg room, and the general stench of rotting cheese. It was at this stage that the 23 year old University of Canterbury engineering student became so frightened that he wet himself.

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