New site is finally live

Finally....the new version is live.
Why a new version? Because of the ridiculous amount of spam that was getting put on the site I had to implement some sort of log in system and I decided to go with a system where it was basically impossible to be anonymous which meant linking you account to facebook.
The fact that you now have to log in makes it a lot easier to keep track of your complaints and comments. They will be listed on your profile page. Obviously though, any comments or complaints that were made before the log in system will not be displayed.
I though while I was making the log in system, I might aswell do a redesign too. How do you like it? :)


Congratulations to Chris

Congratulations to Chris Brown. A beacon to customer service and democracy - in its best sense. I stumbled over this website an hour or so ago, & have been gobsmacked at the extent to which Jetstar is incompetent, unprofessional and uncaring. I live in Cairns, & when Jetstar began to fly about five or six years ago, there were a couple of stories in our local newspaper about Jetstar not allowing people who were two minutes late for check-in to board, and other traveller-unfriendly incidents, & I was totally put off then. One involved a grandad in a wheelchair, who had been who had travelling two hours to get to the airport, driven by his son, and was delayed by a partial road closure involving fallen rocks. Noting these incidents, I have never flown Jetstar in all that time.

If I were the CEO of Jetstar I would be cringing if even 10 percent of these incidents were on the website. I would be totally ashamed.

When I heard a while ago that Alan Joyce, who was previously CEO of Jetstar is now CEO of Qantas, I was worried for Qantas. When the strike a few months ago, that was turned into total dysfunction and cancelled flights acoss the world by Joyce, I unfortunately wasn't surprised. It is extremely sad that Jetstar is in this predicament, and I fear both for Jetstar and Qantas, with Joyce at its helm. A very sad scenaria.

My family and I went to a

My family and I went to a holiday in Philippines, when we arrive there after a 20 hour flight we found out that the air line lost out 7 luggages. Im appalled with how they are treating this situation, how poor the customer service is and mostly their communication amongst themselves. I don't think they knew what they're doing. Never again will I fly with them.