Petition: Jetstar: drop the $8.50 credit card surcharge on our airfares in line with the new Reserve Bank ruling!

The smart people probably don't care about Jetstar's credit card surcharge as they don't fly Jetstar, but I'll post a link to it anyway.
excerpt from the page:
"These "booking and service fees" are ridiculous. Jetstar are the worst. They add on $8.50 per passenger per flight to pay by credit card -- hitting us with a huge surcharge for using the only real payment option they give us.

On Monday, new reforms aiming to stop excessive credit card fees by major retailers come into effect -- the Reserve Bank rules now say only the "reasonable cost of card acceptance" should be charged by retailers. But the reforms frankly don't go far enough, and it looks like Jetstar are among the businesses looking for ways around complying. "

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On March 18th I posted this

On March 18th I posted this on the Jetstar site, after signing the petition about their service and booking fees:

"What a weak company - bleeding every customer for the meanest items, overcharging for baggage - even ONE item, and now this credit card ripoff. The CEO is not any sort of manager - I am not a CEO, and even I could have come up with this infantile credit card fee of $8.50 per credit-card-paying passenger. Come on CEO - stop being deceptive and start being creative - that's what you are paid all those big bikkies for. THINK!!! Will this attract clients? Will this make people feel good about Jetstar? Will this make customers want to encourage their friends to fly Jetstar? What do they teach people to do in business school anyway - "How to rip people off 101" or "How to raise money without thinking 101" or "How to milk a cow 101" ... Duh! Deep thinker this CEO ... not! Why not do some mature and intelligent managing ... that would be appreciated, instead of just stealing from a clientele who might have developed some kind of brand loyalty. You don't build brand loyalty this way mate!"

I also "Liked" the comments of several other posters.

I have now been blocked from being able to post comments to Jetstar's Facebook page, and am also unable to "Like" the comments posted by others.

I admit the comment I posted may not have been charitable, but neither is Jetstar's "booking and service" fee.

This is how a powerful company handles dissent - by blocking comments.

Ivan Ballin
Hervey Bay

Why don't you use the direct

Why don't you use the direct debit option - I do. If they abolish the credit card fee, who will pay the fee Jetstar is charged by Mastercard/Visa for your bookings? Me?

Bernard - a simple answer - I

Bernard - a simple answer - I no longer fly Jetstar.

My involvement in this is to encourage others to seek
alternatives, and enlighten as to the reason for that.

This is a company birthed by Qantas as answer to
competition from Virgin Airlines. However, when all
the fees, charges and things you get free from Qantas
are taken into account (meals, legroom etc) it can be
far cheaper to simply book and fly Qantas.

People have grown a mentality that Jetstar is cheaper
because they don't offer "frills." But if travelers book in
advance with Qantas where they can, you save nothing
through using Jetstar, and get the "frills" as well for free.

This issue here is more

This issue here is more significant than just Jetstar. Yes, they are guilty of misleading pricing. Yes, they are guilty of charging completely outrageous credit card fees and then call them Booking and Servicd fees because they think their customers are stupid and can't tell the difference. Others at least honestly call it what it is.

But imagine that they get away with this, and then slowly but surely all retailers in Australia start adding credit card surcharges. It will start with 2-3%, and perhaps grow to the 10% cabcharge eye gouge out of us, or 17%+ Jetstar charge. Now imagine your electricity bill, council rates, water rates etc start attractinging these fees, petrol stations etc. before long, we will see ALL of our expenses go up by 2,3,10 or more %.

How will that make you feel? Jetstar's practice is misleading, dishonest and insults our intelligence. The CEO claims to be customer service focused but these charges and related practice fly in the face of that reputation.

None of us should stand idly by. The consequences are serious.

Cairns intl airport..nice

Cairns intl airport..nice place.the budget airline Jetstar i have chosen is living up to its poor customer service reputation by having only 2 checkin attendants for JQ91 to Denpasar - a Full flight. So slow for customers but cheap for Jetstar.
Actually Im still peeved from previous flight CNS-DPS in August at having to pay $125 for 5kg overweight.
my business documents, drinking water and laptop all were weighed ,resulting in the penalty. Asked to see the Jetstar station Manager and was told he is not present.
Better go after 40 mins finally look like check in.
Wish me luck!!! What customer indifference will i enjoy today...mmm