How to contact Jetstar - phone numbers, email addresses etc.

Knowing first hand of how hard it can be to contact Jetstar and also seeing how many people get to this site when searching for a way to contact Jetstar, I thought it might be a good idea to have a list of contact phone numbers and email addresses people could try. These contacts may or may not get your through to Jetstar, but they may be worth a try.
I will also add more contacts as I learn of them.

Make a complaint about Jetstar on the
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website here
Airline Advocate website
The Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd ABN is: 33 069 720 243

Head Office - (03) 8628 3400
Jetstar "customer care" - 1300 360 933

Jetstar contact phone numbers as listed on the Jetstar site:

  • Australia - 131 538 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • New Zealand - 0800 800 995 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Cambodia - 855 23 220-909 or 855 63 964-388
  • China - 4001 201 260 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Fiji - 800 2171 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Hong Kong - 800 962 808 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Indonesia - 001 803 61 691 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Japan - 0120 934 787 (toll free) (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Malaysia - 1800 81 3090 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Myanmar - +61 3 9347 0091
  • Philippines - 1800 1611 0280 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Singapore - 800 6161 977 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Thailand - 66 2267 5125
  • Taiwan - 0800 161 1467(+61 3 9347 0091)
  • USA - 1866 397 8170 (+61 3 9347 0091)
  • Vietnam - 848 3955 0550 (+61 3 9347 0091) or 84 511 3583 583 (+61 3 9347 0091)

If the above numbers do not work, check the contact page on the jetstar site:

Jetstar feedback form (with live chat) is at:

Jetstar email addresses:

State and territory consumer affairs agencies.

In Victoria it's or Vcat
In New South Wales it's
In Queensland it's
In South Australia it's
In Western Australia it's
In the Northern Territory it's
And in Tasmania it's


My girlfriend and I were

My girlfriend and I were booked on a return flight from Tullamarine Airport to Launceston Airport this morning and our flight was cancelled at the last minute. We are both nurses for DHHS Tasmania government and have both had to cancel our shifts tonight. This has made us miss out on a nights wages plus has caused inconvenience to our employer and our work colleagues. We will not be flying Jetstar again

If you want to get through

If you want to get through and speak to someone in Australia call 131538 and select option 2 for Jetstar Holidays. This goes through to a call centre in Melbourne. Its a great way to make sure you speak to someone in Australia as the "agents" in Manila have no idea what they are doing.

Well how right you

Well how right you are.
Trying to get the phone number for Jetstar cabin crew base in order to advertise an appt for rent.
god help anyone trying to apply for a job.
can anybody help?

You can directly call JetStar

You can directly call JetStar customer service by phoning 1300 360 933.





I called the 1300 360 933

I called the 1300 360 933 number this week. It was answered by an Australian girl. She told me she couldn't help me because I didn't have an existing 'complaint' and she transferred me through to a person in Manila. Don't bother calling 1300 360 933 because they wont help.

Nice work on this website

Nice work on this website Chris....
If the organisation I work for were as bad with customer relationship management we would be out of business, no question. Bring on more domestic airline competition I say!
Everyone above is right, don't bother calling the 131 538 number - there is no option to talk to a person on the other end of the line if your enquiry doesn't fit in with the automated computer system.

Nice work on the reply Tony

Nice work on the reply Tony .....
True to the Jetstar "code of ethic" - you are displaying a defensive attitude filled with total lack of regard to dissappointed Jetstar customers. As you are a Jetstar employee, I would hope that you would reflect a little more compassion with a more professional stature. Keep up the good work Jetstar - and you will be out of business!

thanks for this awesome

thanks for this awesome page!! after 6 phone calls to the general line, i got absolutely no where apart from being told each time a longer and longer timeframe I need to wait for someone to call me. One phone call to this phone number to an aussie, and is all fixed!!

When I rang Jetstar they said

When I rang Jetstar they said the only way to get in contact with the complaints department is for them to contact YOU! So in a bid to get them to contact me (about a letter I already mailed 2 months ago) I again filled out the online customer care form and lodged a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading.

i called 131538 and pressed

i called 131538 and pressed "2" for english and got to the Philippines, and the guy was nice professional and helpful and spoke good english.
this is the good news.

the bad news are that i paid 780$ for a long flight while now it's 630 for a much shorter flight with virgin (!) and although it's an expensive flight , i can't cancel and get even a partial refund, and their fees for change are exuberant.

i will not fly jetstar again and will not recommend them to anyone.

Got a complaint - use the

Got a complaint - use the emails supplied by Chris!!

I got an instant phone call and my problem was solved!

Is anyone having any luck

Is anyone having any luck with the "customer care" number listed above?

I've been calling for the last 2 days trying to resolve my "missing" payment issue for a flight I'm meant to be taking on Tuesday morning (21/2) and each time I call I get 2 seconds of hold music and then I'm cut off!

Tried emailing the "customer.relationships" email address last night but still waiting for any kind of response.

Any more suggestions???

I tried Chris's customer

I tried Chris's customer relationship'e email address with the heading THIS NEEDS TO GET TO A PERSON WHO WILL RESPOND TO MY EMAIL, and it did. Not the response I wanted but a response none the less.Not a phone call even though I requested to speak to someone. They are very dismissive and send NON REPLY EMAIL ADDRESSES. Michael Mirabito, Manager Customer Experience replied to me.
I am now taking my case to VCAT. I don't think I have much to lose, I have already given them an extra $1829 so maybe if VCAT hear it I may get something back.
For information there Head Office is 473 Bourke St, Melbourne. Vic 3000 and I am pretty sure ph. no. is
03 86283400 CEO is Bruce Bucchanan. You will need this information to fill out VCAT form.

Last night I made a booking

Last night I made a booking in error: Melb to Sydney, Sydney to Melb, meant to be the other way around. When I received the it I called and went thru to Manila where I was advised I could pay a further $600 on top on the $410 (2 people) to correct the booking(4 x $70 plus flight difference). The operator offered me a one off $100 voucher to be use in 6 months, after trying to explain that it would be cheaper to repurchase the tickets so why would anyone pay the $600 I blew my head off with a shot gun.

Fortunately my head grew back this morning and I got advise from my travel agent (who said he didn't like my chances). I called 131538 and asked for Jetstar Holidays (you can't select option 2 anymore) and spoke to a lovely young lady in Melbourne. She sorted the whole thing in a few minutes at no cost.

I apologise about telling a goodish story about Jetstar, but my point is to call Jetstar Holidays and apply your suckiest voice. Good luck!


EXTREMELY UNHAPPY WITH JETSTAR. Just booked flights online with Jetstar and paid via POLI. Apparently a Jetstar system error caused the payment to go 3 times. I will now have to wait 15 business days to have my money refunded. In my opinion this is an act of fraud and a way for Jetstar to improve their own cash flow. Complaining via their call centre had no effect so now I intend to bombard newspapers, internet and social media to warn people of this potential jetstar scam.

@Handro Jalahendre True, but

@Handro Jalahendre
True, but be aware, the workers in Manila don't get trained properly, so you can't exactly blame them.

Thanks so much for this info.

Thanks so much for this info. I had absolutely no help from the call centre people, who didn't know what I was talking about but have no options of passing you on to anyone else. The head office Melbourne number just rang out and emailed and am still awaiting a reply, but I used Eyal's suggestion of ringing the main number and asking for package holidays, got a guy in Australia called Glen, who couldn't have been more helpful. Definitely the way to go in future.

can anyone give me the

can anyone give me the contact number of jetstar here in the philippines? im getting confused. too many numbers.

Can anyone help me get

Can anyone help me get through jet star? any contact information might help me as long as its base here in the philippines, or their email add will do. please && thank you.

The number above do not help?

The number above do not help? Did you try 1800 1611 0280 or +61 3 9347 0091 ?

Ive been a Jetstar customer

Ive been a Jetstar customer for 2 years travelling internationally , i can honestly say in this time i have received excellent service from crew and ground staff during these flights , even have been booked overnight in the Changi Meridian Hotel Singapore due to a failed connection to Vietnam on Jetstar, all expenses were paid by Jetstar, very much appreciated.
That was up until 5th October 2012 when I tried to book online to travel to Christchurch from Vietnam , filled all the details in booking system then went to pay by credit card which was declined by Jetstar , everything was filled in correctly the card had sufficient funds to cover any costs, although the card was declined the fare of $1000+ was debited from my card a/c,calls to the card centre in NZ confirmed this.
Subsequent calls to the call centre were met with denials the money was debited plus tunnel vision answers to most of my enquires telling me what i already knew, I must admit i received an email 5 days later saying my booking was cancelled due to non payment ?????and documentation from bank statements etc was required to confirm the money had been debited from my account.
The 15 day standard reply period to get a reply is a bit disconcerting if you have to leave a country on a certain date to avoid exceeding your immigration visa,meanwhile am standing by hoping this problem can be sorted out.
Reluctant to book on Jetstar again paying via credit card , too many problems.

Jetstar cancelled my flight

Jetstar cancelled my flight and then want to refund me in 15 days. I mentioned that I had to pay immediately when I made the booking and request an immediate refund to make a booking with another airline. They then put me on hold for 3 hours and 18 min until I killed the call. I hope, pray and beg people to stop flying with Jetstar so they can close their doors and ground their planes.



Submitted by Handro

Submitted by Handro Jalahendre on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 12:00
If you want to get through and speak to someone in Australia call 131538 and select option 2 for Jetstar Holidays. This goes through to a call centre in Melbourne. Its a great way to make sure you speak to someone in Australia as the "agents" in Manila have no idea what they are doing.


I did the above and I got results!!

I urge people to do this for any problem with their bookings. If they suggest to put you through to the other call centre just explain your situation, eg. "I've already called them but they were not able to help."

There is something really bizarre about the Jetstar overseas call centre - Its like they are trained not to use their brains and to avoid solving problems. Just painful.

Thank you so much Chris

Thank you so much Chris Brown, it's people like you that make the world a less frustrating place. I had been given the run around by jetstar trying to get my refund out of them and I had been sent yet another generic email that did nothing to sort the real problem with a patronising $50 voucher to use with them when there is no way in hell I would ever use them again. Your list of email addresses was perfect, I emailed the signee of the generic email and his boss Elieen Brunett-Kant, and I had an email response from Elieen within 2-3 hours. I couldn't beileve it!!! I then recieved a phone call from a representative who had taken the time to read up on my compliant and said he would get back to me as to how he was going to fix it. Again, amazing! So to all you frustrated jetstar customers out there (and there are bound to be plenty) try it, it worked for me so far..... fingers crossed. Just to be on the safe side I did grab all the details I could including email address of the guy who said he would sort it and ring me back.


The easiest way to contact

The easiest way to contact Jetstar is to skype them at jetstar.airways. I got an immediate customer representative and problem resolved.

You can remove Eileen

You can remove Eileen Burnett-Kant off your list, she no longer works there, as i received an auto email reply when i sent one last night. I received the following two contacts to be added though.

People Nadine Castle -
Customer Care Ian Watson -

What "People" means, I have no idea. I never knew that Jetstar regarded it's passengers as human.

Posted by the hubby, Ken McMillan.

Hi All, To lodge complaints

Hi All,
To lodge complaints and have travel issues addressed you need to contact one or both of the people below. They are Customer Care Managers and although their unintelligence was evident during the resolution of my matter, they have the authority to solve problems (e.g. issue refunds, reimbursements and change travel itineraries). Avoid the Manila call centre and go straight to the Australian representatives that hold the authority. The details are:

1) Lisa Christodoulou, Manager Customer Care
Ph: (03) 8628 3400
2) Stacey Barrett, Customer Service Rep
Ph: (03) 8628 3400

Note that the above phone numbers are the head office and the staff will resist transferring you through. But you should persevere as both contacts will assist you.

For the record and based on my experience, the pathetic Jetstar operations are perpetuated by the dishonest, faceless morons employed by the airline.

You can also call The Airline

You can also call The Airline Customer Advocate on 1800 813 129

Thats worth checking out!

Jetstar have the worst

Jetstar have the worst customer service! Not only do their customer care staff mislead you, the only way to get assistance with a problem is to fill in a complaint form then wait 15 days for an answer! I have never heard so many apparent customer service people say "No I will not transfer you to anyone who can help you" in MY LIFE!

Jetstar you are a disgrace. I would rather fly Tiger Airways then ever use your service again.

I have had a flight to Sydney

I have had a flight to Sydney booked for months now - this has been changed twice now - the latest is that I am on a totally different flight and will miss The Lion King which is why I was going in the first place. I had left plenty of time to see the show and spend some time in Sydney and fly back next day. Jetstar if you are reading this - Why have I been put on a different flight? Please contact me - I'm now on Booking reference: O57EJL. I hope you go broke!

I am glad to have found this

I am glad to have found this site. Jetstar are a joke.

Yesterday I was scheduled to fly to Melbourne to see a friend. I was only going for 2 nights with a very tight itinerary to catch up with this friend. They boarded us on the plane without even cleaning it after the previous passengers had disembarked. 15 - 20 mins after we due to take off, the pilot advised there was a technical problem with the O2 masks, technicians were looking at it and all should be well with in 30mins. I could afford to be 30 mins late. After 40 mins he comes back to advise all is well and we should be on our way within 5 minutes. Just as I am about to text my friend with a new arrival time he comes back to advise he spoke too soon. They had had a breakage and we now needed to disembark the plane. They rescheduled for a later departure that would see me landing in Melbourne at around 10 -10:30am, meaning dinner party plans for that night would not occur. The only other flight they could get me onto was at 10am the next morning or 10:45pm that night, neither of which would be conducive to Saturdays schedule, so I ask that they cancel and reimburse me. I left the airport thinking that had been done. This morning I wake up thinking that I should check only to find that the flight had not been cancelled, but rather they had rescheduled to a flight at 8:30am this morning and my travel insurance would not cover that. As the booking was done via Qantas I ring them to sort it out and of course they are busy with the Darwin Airport situation, so after 50 minutes I get thru. Qantas cancels everything and reimburses me what I have paid. I ask about the other out of pocket costs of taxis and kennel fees. They advise I need to speak with Jetstar as they were the ones who had the problem with the flights and my travel insurance had lapsed because I had been booked onto another flight that was not covered. Jetstars response:
Hi Lorraine, we won't be able to reimburse any out of pocket expenses for you on this occasion. As your booking has been cancelled and refunded, your contract with us has ended. We do recommend customers purchase travel insurance in case disruptions occur so you may wish to follow up with your insurer to see if you can make a claim. Thanks - Bella

We are talking about $142 - not thousands, but it's still money that I can't afford to just splurge out for no reason.

Seriously unhappy!

These emails are not valid

These emails are not valid any more - Bruce Buchanan - Michael Mirabito - Alan Joyce - Eileen Burnett-Kant - Executive Manager People & Communications

Be tenacious when contacting the call centre, do not take no for an answer, do not accept policy they may spout.. Expect them to answer all your questions (not with further questions from them though).. Ask for Name and ID number of all persons you speak with.. They are required to provide first name and ID. Ask to speak with a supervisor and advise you DO NOT wish to be placed on hold nor they mute the phone.. You want to hear what is happening. I have managed to get David Hall involved with my issues and that was by emailing him using the email provided.. It may change now, still give it a go..

Four hours on the phone gained my a case number, I called Complaint Number, then shortly after this I was contacted by a chap who was responding on behalf of David Hall.... HHHHMMMMMMMM Me thinks.

Best of Luck to all.. I will keep you updated..

As an after thought try to get someone from your insurance co to see about black marking Jetstar as I do understand Insurance companies have a great deal of claims due to Jetstar.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Part 1:

Found this web-site by accident, but glad I did. I hope one of you out there doesn't make the same mistake I did.

The take home message from the following rant is: Don’t fly Jetstar Australia!

The background: It was meant to be a short 7 holiday for me on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Just spending some time with my brother. Instead, and thanks to Jetstar Australia’s crazy, stuck in the mud bureaucracy, intransigence and non-existent customer service, I have lost the booking I made yesterday afternoon, and I have to pray that, 15 business days for tomorrow, I will receive a refund of the $355 airfare I paid by bank transfer.

My “sin”, according to Jetstar, was placing the right booking number in the wrong information space or slot when paying for the ticket by bank transfer. Sure, Jestar have my money as I write this. But, three phone calls by me – 2 to Jetstar’s on-line customer service people (who appear to be based overseas), and one to my less than helpful bank, the CBA – failed to resolve the problem.

Jetstar could have – should have - easily remedied this minor problem by tracing the payment and noting I had paid the fare. Instead, their response to me was:

• Pay for the fare again;
• Wait 15 business days for your original fare to be repaid to you 'automatically'.

Mind you, there is no warning on Jetstar’s web-site regarding the potential perils for travellers of placing the right information in the wrong information box when transferring funds to pay for one’s airfare.

And wait for this: My bank, the CBA’s response was: bad luck, you can pay us a $25.00 “tracing fee”, and then wait 4-6 weeks for a “possible” refund of the fare. 4-6 weeks!!!! Thanks, CBA, but no thanks! It would take me less time to fly to the Moon and back!

Sheesh, I am angry at the moment! I am fed up to the gills with yet another example and incident of bad, or non-existent customer service, and the type of “computer says no” administrative intransigence that appears to be a hallmark of 21st century business. Where is the common-sense? Where is the flexibility? Where is the – dare I say this – customer service? Wake up, Jetstar! Make life easy for your precious clients, rather than discarding them to another and specific rung in Dante’s Hell dedicated to clients or customers.

Part 2:

Want to make an already angry customer even angrier? Then send them this crappy email asking them to take a survey regarding their non-existent customer service. Here’s the email I received, errors and all:

"Hi there,

We’re writing about the call you recently made to the Jetstar contact centre.

We want to make sure that our customers are happy with the service they receive from us. To help us improve, we’re hoping you’ll take the time to answer a few brief questions regarding your call.

The information you provide will be kept confidential. Combined with responses from other participants, it will help us coach our contact centre team and develop our products and services. Jetstar takes your privacy very seriously. You can view our Privacy Policy at

The survey will be available for the next seven days and should take you no more than five minutes to complete.

Please click here to participate in the survey
Thank you for your feedback – we really appreciate it!

Yours sincerely,
The team at Jetstar"


@ Joe Calleri, Why don't you

@ Joe Calleri, Why don't you put your own complaint on this website, rather than posting it in the comments? When you are logged in, in the top menu, there is a link to "Add Complaint".

Great - keep up the good work

Great - keep up the good work - unreachable Jetstar hide behind their own highest wall of inaccessible silence - they obviously disregard customers. We have our 16 year old unaccompanied daughter stranded in Bali after 3 different Jetstar flights were cancelled on her & she's been delayed for 8 days. Absolutely useless Jetstar Filipino call centre which despite 9 phone calls of 20-60+ minutes has achieved nothing - and no-one cares. Jetstar are a health hazard to be avoided at any cost or however cheap their fares. Also remember they are owned by Qantas. Chris Player

No One is Answering Phone

No One is Answering Phone Numbers in the Philippines.

So annoyed Jetstar has

So annoyed Jetstar has changed departure time from morning to evening Brisbane to Bali. I have to pay a whole nights accom for arriving at 1am Ubud.



I won't bore you with my Jetstar experience, albeit to say I had inadvertently booked my one way flight back to front, ie Melb-Bali instead of Bali-Melb.
As with all the previous comments, I was at my wits end trying to get in contact with a Jetstar representative in Australia.
I resorted to your Australian email list above, and emailed a short message to each of the addresses, requesting someone to contact me ASAP.
Within an hour I had a reply from David Hall ( and my situation resolved, unbelievable as that may seem, for those of you who have had issues, of any description, with Jetstar.
So within 2 hours from my initial email to all and sundry, I had rebooked my flight, and also had received a follow up message from David, which I replied with a big thank you, and my faith in Jetstar returned.
All is well that ends well, you may think, NO ...
Arrive at the airport, after a 2 hour drive, on Saturday afternoon (I have a connecting flight on Monday to France) only to receive a message from my travel agent saying my flight was cancelled, mechanical difficulties, sure Jetstar, more like not enough people on the plane so we won't be flying .... yes when it does not rain in pours.
My wonderful wonderful travel agent Stephanie, Flight Centre, had me booked on a Virgin flight the following morning.
I am sorry David, I won't be back again.

Conclusion to my rant ... David Hall was a legend, he should work for Garuda !!!

i ma trying to book a flight

i ma trying to book a flight back to Australia , i live in Danang , The site tells me i must visit Saigon to re confirm my booking , this cant be right ??? Can it ?. if i book pay via CC thats is !

Well done to the person who

Well done to the person who got the email addresses. That is the only way I was able to contact Jetstar with a disturbing gross breach of duty of care on their the part towards my husband. True to the form from Jetstar, I received a lack lustre response and an offer of travel vouchers to the value of $100 for each of the 4 of us. But still failing to address the matter of their breach of duty of care. NO GO!
I suggest that you do as I did and that was to 'bomb' all the addresses. David Hall was brilliant and he forwarded my complaint to the correct department who promptly brushed me off. This is not leaving me with any other option but to contact the media.

Your welcome, help by

Your welcome, help by spreading the word about this website :)

Positive feedback. After a

Positive feedback. After a frustrating and useless call with customer care to try and sort out a missing confirmation email after prompt deduction fro my bank account (they hung up on me!), I emailed David Hall after seeing this forum, at around 10pm on a Sunday night. He replied within 5 minutes saying he would pass it to the right department. He obviously did so, and our issue was promptly resolved by a senior member of the team the following day. Another email address to add to the list is Thanks very much for the website, I hope others manage to resolve their problems so easily!

How much plane ticket

How much plane ticket roundtrip Osaka to Manila april14-june03 I have 1 baggage 25kg also include my terminal fee how much all include tax I need night day

Recently my 7 year old

Recently my 7 year old daughter stood on a Stone Fish while holidaying in Queensland quickly resulting in her emergency admission into hospital for treatment as it caused her to collapse in agonising pain.

As a result of the hospital admission we ended up missing our flights home to Sydney, while our daughter was treated.

We were flying with JetStar and was told by the Dr. that due to the nature of the Incident, JetStar would be compassionate and waive the costs of moving return flights to the next day. So with letter in hand we called JetStar and they appeared to agree that indeed the cost would be waived, however the process is that we pay now on credit card and once the Dr's letter is received and reviewed the money would be returned to the credit card.

2-3 weeks later we received an email informing us that they would be will refund $160 of the $600 fee of switching our flights to the next day. We were assuming all the fees would be refunded. They are still refusing to refund the entire amount.

What is worse, the flights only cost around $75 each in the face place (for my wife and child to fly one way back each) so had we'd been told that we wouldn't receive all if back and had they suggested that it would be cheaper to just book new flights we would have done this. But they have on purpose NOT disclosed this information so they can profit from my child's misery.

Just goes to show you how Un-Australian, uncaring and money driven Jet Star are and I highly encourage everyone to think twice before booking a flight with them. Go Virgin next time!

I have been trying to get the

I have been trying to get the CEO's office's telephone number to follow up a business pitch. Blocked at every point so I'm wondering if you or anyone out there can help. Even a useful email address would be great.

Just love this site! keep up the good work.

if im going to buy tickets

if im going to buy tickets ,fly to tokyo japan do i need to present visa

@Romulo. It depends on what

@Romulo. It depends on what country you are from and how long you want to stay.
There is a little guy that lives in your computer that has the answers to everything, He's amazing. He searches the entire history of the cosmos via the space time continuum at light speed. I've got no idea how he does it, but you can totally believe everything he tells you.
I think he's called Boogle or Joogle.... or something like that.

A recently delayed flight

A recently delayed flight from Perth to Bangkok and the encounter of a jet star team member over the phone from a Thai lady with poor English.
The Jet star team member was very accommodating with my Thai wife who gets very confused and angry when trying to converse in English. The Jet star team member was very professional in the way he dealt with her misinformed opposition to the original flight plan which was delayed and managed quite well, I may add ,to calm her down , however through no fault of his own the team member was unable to convey the exact nature of the problem with the plan which only served to infuriate my Thai wife further do believe that during her stay in Australia she may have watched too many flight crash investigation TV shows, while spending downtime in between shopping excursions to Perth CBD and the Margaret river chocolate factory. It was at this time I had to intervene in the conversation and rescue the poor, but well trained jet star team member from further rants about her insuring death which may end up becoming part of the national geographic serious Plane crash investigation. It may be well worth a check on the jet star team members mental wellbeing after his encounter with a Thai lady who is convinced that she will die in a plane crash because she had a bad dream about this and saw her death in this vision/dream, and as there are no monks in Perth unlike Bangkok, willing to give solace and assurance as to what will be will be (at a price of course) you can well imagine her state of mind. So to make a long story short, to ensure a enjoyable and peaceful flight I have enlisted the aid of valium at 50mg washed down with a double gin and tonic, and I believe that the coming jet star flight experience will not be memorable but will be most certainly a calm and tranquil and maybe even an enlightening experience for a very special Thai lady of mine. I take my hat off to the way this situation was handled in such a professional manner; the team member not only deserves a raise but also a long vacation.
Flight number iytqqc 3k138,
Kind regards
David Kavanagh.

My partner and I are driving

My partner and I are driving through Manila traffic to the Jetstar counter at the airport as I type. He bought tickets for his staff to attend a meeting in Singapore using his personal credit card. They will not let his staff on the flight unless my partner makes a personal appearance with his credit card. The 'customer service' representative over the phone said this was written on the website. This is the only way for him to get on the plane -- the photocopies of the credit card and IDs with my partner's signatures he provided and my partner's call to the centreer are not enough. Very inconvenient and idiotic.

i want to know if we have

i want to know if we have booking flight on august 19 to 27 singapore to manila his name adrain lim flight no.3k765 i want know is this is true tnx so much hope answer my question

My son booked a ticket using

My son booked a ticket using my sister's credit card but booking failed due to non entry of the onetime password of the said card. Since transaction failed, it is expected that the card holder don't have any monthly obligation. How come that the card holder received a statement of account showing the amount of tickets credited to her. Tickets for two to singapore(2way).
The person in charge of this problem said that the amount will be refunded in 15 working days. And it is sad to know that the card holder is paying the interest in the bank until such time the amount is refunded. In short, the card holder suffers the consequence where in fact it should be the jetstar. What would you suggest about this?

I made an error with booking

I made an error with booking dates. Baby brains. The people overseas all told me the same policy but no compassion despite that I'd called within 5 minutes of making the error.
I ended up speaking to someone in Australia that waived the change fee.
Ready to have your mind blown?

Go to
Choose help on the drop down menu
Type in 'contact us' in the search panel
Choose first result
Choose 'complaints' in the drop down menu
Then 'fare errors'
Then start live chat
Explain your situation
I was honest, vulnerable and straight to the point and she waived fee ( fare difference still needed to be paid)
I'm not sure if they make a record of such things but this was the first error I'd ever made

Anyway hope this helps someone
I know the numbers can be frustrating

Return flight tonight at NAIA

Return flight tonight at NAIA going to KANSAI, ticket is in my smartphone not bringing a furnished copy,is this okay? W
ill i not be questioned? ReplyASAP please.

Hitoshi, It should be fine.

Hitoshi, It should be fine. Most airlines do not need to see your ticket as it is on their system. Usually passport or ID is enough

My husband and i made it way

My husband and i made it way before time to the airport and got our baggage tag printed and in line for to drop our bag.Despite being 30mins way before time we were stuck in line and by the time we reached the front of the counter we were told baggage counter was closed and have to take next flight to our destination and had to pay extra $50.We both had work to reach but bcz of the shitty service we could not make it on time and are stuck.Got next flight at 5.20pm.Almost 12 hours delyd.P.s the supervisor needs to learn how to talk to customers.She is so unprofessional.Plz jetstar train your staffs well so that when situation arises the least the staffs could do is talk nicely instead of talking rudely and turning their backs on us.Just petheic Jetstar.We travel wit jetstar everyweek but never again.

Would anyone know where to

Would anyone know where to find the insurance letter on the Jetstar website? I had my Bali flights cancelled at the end of November due to the black cloud from Mt Agung. I was offered a credit from the 'live chat' person, which I declined as we won't be able to use the credit within the time allotted.
The 'live chat' person informed me of an insurance letter on the site that states the flights are non - refundable so I can submit it for a claim to my insurance company. I tried in vain and so far I cannot find it. I have had no luck reaching anyone either via email or phone. I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?

Try the links under

@Martine Casagrande
Try the links under "Conditions of Carriage" on THIS page.
The conditions should also be included (or linked to) in the email you got when you booked your flight.

I keep reading about Chris

I keep reading about Chris browns comment about a contact phone number or email for Jetstar but looks like it’s been deleted
Anyone know of a phone number or email for Jetstar that actually works and that is located in Australia please

As far as I can tell, the

As far as I can tell, the numbers listed above are still valid according to the jetstar website contact us page.
I'm not sure what you mean about something being deleted.
Nothing has ever been deleted from this page.
Did you try 131 538 ?
I'm not sure if it will be diverted to an Indian call centre or not though.

Please stop asking if I’ve

Please stop asking if I’ve called the 13 number I’ve called them they are useless I need a contact from the inside

Jetstar are thieves. Their

Jetstar are thieves. Their entire website is dedicated to nikel and dime you Every time you progress and click on "don't want" a product, the page refreshes and your choices are mysteriously changed back to "pay more".

They try and have a chat with Manila to solve it, and all they just run circles around you, and make your life hell.

You want to email them? Sorry - you have to chat. So no written record.

Wasted a day talking to these people. JETSTAR- NEVER AGAIN

An email to the customer care

An email to the customer care:
My Case number is 14359120. I have not received my refund of rmb 7705.65 since Feb when our flights from Singapore to Hefei was cancelled. It was not credited into the wechat account. There was no transaction into the bank account either.
Our booking ref is DGQ78Z. If there was a transaction as you claimed on the email, could you provide the receipt and document of your refund? There was no action on this either on your side so how can you prove you have refunded? Since there is no reliability and credibility on your side, you are simply cheating consumers!
If the refund cannot be made possible can we have 3 travel vouchers equivalent of the amount we paid to travel back to Hefei sometime in Oct? The customer service agents we called could not provide a solution for our predicament.

Called 8 times the service agents are useless... please do not use jetstar. I used jetstar because it flies direct from Singapore to Hefei.

JrtStar customer care number

JrtStar customer care number 9330443584 ///// 6289957210. All problem solution only three minutes.

JrtStar customer care number

JrtStar customer care number 9330443584 ///// 6289957210. All problem solution only three minutes.

Jet Star customer care number

Jet Star customer care number 9330443584 ///// 6289957210. All problem solution only three minutes.

I have been desperately

I have been desperately trying to contact JetstarAsia to verify if my booking No. WGYFPF for flight from Phnom Penh to Singapore on 1 Aug 2020 is valid or not as I did not hear from you on tge flight confirmation.
In trying to be loyal,I have declined Silkair flight two times hoping that Jetstar will eventually fly.But each time my friends are left frustrated and disappointed and this is happening for the last several months.
I like to state categorically, that my next course of action is to fly on the next Silkair flight to Singapore without waiting for Jetstar any longer. I will be seeking a monetory refund ,not vouchers thereafter from Jetstar.
Hence, I'd appreciate if you will kindly advise me soonest.
Thank you
Christopher Anthony, MITD

You are a champion, thanks!

You are a champion, thanks! Got the new CEO's email and have sent my complaint direct to him.