6 hr afternoon delay!!! And no warning

My trip to Melbourne a big sad frustrating, no service, didnt care staff attitiude, day. And then no refund no help with staying in Melbourne hotel and no one really cares except ME And my FAMILY!!!
Only option to have " free next day flight"" only hang on I already paid $395 return flights...
Jetstar start thinking customer service, instead of some heartless young women who kept stating policy like a broken recorder....
Never again!
This meant ringing Train connection changing evening train ticket in Melbourne.
Mobile charges enormous, then accomodation in country Paynesville,Victoria.
Then my sisiter in Melbourne then my parents who were expecting me the next morning!!
Your airline is consistently late at our Sunshine coast Airport but how come Virgin always on time.
What a mistake to get your cheaper ticket, now about 100 out of pocket and you couldnt care less!!
No email, no text or phone call to advise of long delay
Anything over an hour would be soooooo beneficial to people who have lives apart from your airline....
You sink!!!!! Jetstar is not shining star more a dark hole!!!

Australia-Sunshine Coast
Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine