$65 excess baggage for duty free

Had an international flight cancelled on me by Jetstar (direct from Queenstown to Melbourne). Only flights not 3+ days from original departure date were transits to Sydney first, then Melbourne.

Purchased 4kg of duty free bringing me up to 3kg over limits. Specifically asked airport AND Jetstar staff if it’s included in weight, they said no. So I purchased! And wasn’t charged from Queenstown to Sydney.

To my shock horror - weighed at Sydney Airport during the transit and slugged $65. Why even bother buying duty free especially if it was communicated to me that it was ok? And I wasn’t charged for it in the first leg? I wouldn’t have been charged if Jetstar never cancelled on my first flight anyway to Melbourne as it was a direct…

Made a complaint to airport staff and they said the weight should be at the port of departure, not transit, but couldn’t process a refund. Call centre is offshored and the guy on the phone had 0 clue, lied to me about policy and told me he’d transfer me to his manager but just hung up on me. He said his KPIs get hit if he’s on hold with me so he was unwilling to make the effort to fetch his manager and extend call time.

One word for Jetstar - JOKE!!

New Zealand-Queenstown
Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine