7000 people work for Jetstar and NOT ONE OF THEM CAN CALL ME BACK!!!

Jetstar cancelled my flight (by text message) at 11pm the night before flying. After reading this message first thing the next morning, I called the number they gave me to book a new flight. I was away from home so had to use my mobile. I was on hold for 55 minutes, costing me $40 for the call. When I called them a few days later to ask them to reimburse me for my call; I told them I wasn't complaining they cancelled my flight; I wasn't complaining a friend had to take half a day off work to pick me up earlier than booked; I wasn't complaining I had ultimately paid for an extra days car hire I wasn't going to use; and I wasn't even complaining about being on hold for 55 minutes. I just wanted THEM to pay for my call as THEY had cancelled my flight and THEY had asked me to call to reschedule. The Jetstar guy who called me condescendingly listened to my issue, apologised and virtually said "too bad, so sad". When I pushed further, he offered me a $50 Jetstar voucher to be used within the next 3 months. I declined and thought I would take it further. I emailed the complaint through; didn't receive a reply. I called; didn't receive a reply. Called again today and was told they will call me back. I won't hold my breath. 2 months and still waiting. Ironically, the night before this all happened, a friend was telling me how bad Jetstar was and that so many of his friends would never fly them again. Add me to the list!!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine