Fly Jetstar with the cheapest price and no customer service . My reaction to that is DON'T UNDER ANY CONDITIONS FLY JETSTAR. This is our horror story so you can make up your mind for yourself.
We arrived back in Sydney on thus 18th Dec after a fantastic cruise and made our way to the domestic terminal. Our flight was to leave 6.45pm . Now our ship arrived in Sydney early morning so we had about a ten hour wait. Around three o'clock there was a message on my phone from Flight Centre to say our flight to Brisbane was cancelled. There was nothing over the PA of any cancellations. We rang Flight Centre AND ASKED what was going on and was told that the flight was cancelled and we were now booked to leave the next day so we would have to stay there over night. The question was where!!!!!. Prices at this time of the year would cost US about $200 per night per person. This was not an option to us because of the cost, my medication had run out as I only took enough to cover the time away and our car had to be picked up that day or pay more money. We are both on a disability pension so money does not grow on trees for us. Flight Centre did ring jet star and said they would refund $200 for our tickets [which cost us $250] and then we could re book another flight with virgin at our cost. Christmas time and book a flight ha....well you would know the price would not be cheap and we simply didn't have the money so this was not an option. We then went to the Jetstar counter who again told very abruptly that the flight was cancelled because Brisbane airport was closed to all traffic. mmmmmmmmmmmm so why did they just offer us a flight with virgin to Brisbane leaving the same time as our Jetstar cancelled flight. All they said to us we will have to stay in Sydney over night and there answer as to where we were going to stay as we didn't have enough money for a hotel was SLEEP IN THE TERMINAL. Will I lost it then and demanded something to be done to get us back to Brisbane. Finally they put us on a flight to the gold coast at 5.30pm. We spoke to the lady at the check in who said on arrival to the gold coast we should go and speak to the Jetstar customer service and tell you paid for a ticket to Brisbane and to organise some transport to get you there. We had at this stage been on the go for 11 hours. We think there was about 10 or more passenger's also from the cancelled flight.
On arrival at gold coast we found the Jetstar customer service only to be told nothing had been arranged for us to get to Brisbane but then next plane due in two hours from Sydney and was carrying another ten passengers and that did have a bus for them to Brisbane. We were told public transport was the only way at OUR COST. We said we wanted transport but it was like flogging a dead horse. JETSTAR THIS IS DISGRACEFUL . After two buses and two hours on a train we arrived at our destination .Some 17 hours later no thanks to you.
I hope Jetstar read this because you have now turned our beautiful holiday into a nightmare. You have cost us over an extra $100 in travel cost . Both of us suffer with back disabilities and now are suffering from the extended travel time.
I urge any person who reads this , think carefully about flying with Jetstar because if something goes wrong your on your own and they DO NOT CARE
...................................................................... If there is any other person who has a horror story with Jet star ,let's hear it. The more there are , hopefully they might take notice and change from being a very average airline. Please share. Last thing to remember................ ansett