Another Jetstar Fiasco

Just got off the phone from Jetstar customer service ( now theres a paradox) with smoke coming out of my ears ! My daughter had rang in tears from Sydney prior to catching JQ3 from Syd to Honolulu as Jetstar had put her in seat 47A, a normal economy seat after I had booked and paid for extra leg room in seat 44k some weeks ago. Absolutely no reason or communication of any sort as to why the change, just "get on board you are in seat 47A".
When quizzed about the change CS gave me 2 of the lamest excuses I have ever heard as to why the change would have happened: 1) that cabin crew have the right to refuse passengers seating based upon visual daughter is a university graduate with an executive position in local government and drresses accordingly.2) that she may have not been suitable for the exit row daughter goes to the gym 5 times a week and walks 7 days a week for 4 kilometeres so she is slim and fit. Just lies and cover ups !.All CS could offer is we will refund your money-no apology, no attempt to rectify the situation.
I am a long time Qantas FF and will NEVER fly either Jetstar nor Qantas again and I will do my level best to convince anyone in earshot that all the Jetstar horror stories are true.

United States-Honolulu