Another Sadistic Jetstar Staff

Last night, I had the misfortune to encounter some ugly old hag at Jetstar called Jane. With a old woman bun and Nanna glasses that she looks over her witchty poo nose. Firstly, I encountered this creature on the counter where they ever so friendly take your bag. Jane was sitting staring into space, not paying attention to anyone and letting her workmates do all the work, then unfortunately see the same old sad sadistic creature at the coffee shop area where the gate is, wheeling some small bag. Jetstar Management, you need to rethink your employment standards. And to top, if off my friends' flight was cancelled. Jane, seemed to enjoy her smirk and sarcasm telling us to rebook on another airline ?? You cant miss her and stands out like a sore thumb. At least you can identiy her by the JANE name tag.