Are they serious ?

We live in Bali, so have used Jetstar regularly.
Currently we are travelling through Australia and that includes 4 Jetstar flights (Perth to Adelaide, Melbourne to Hobart, Hobart to Melbourne and Melbourne to Ayers Rock)
These 4 flights for myself, my wife and our 8 year old daughter has now costed us approx.. 3,661 AUD which is madness.

Today we missed our flight from Hobart to Melbourne. Now most airlines would offer us seats on a next flight, especially one where there are many empty spaces as was the case today.
Jetstar did not do that, not even at a penalty, or discount.
They insisted on paying full price for new tickets + new luggage fees. The original tickets costed 581 $ + 735 $ for the new tickets, that makes 1,316 $ for a One way 55 minute flight for 2 adults and a child.

Now even the most rigid low cost airlines in Europe or The US – if they insist on paying full price for new tickets, do NOT include any taxes, airport charges, fuel charges etc… the second time around for the simple reason that the passengers did not use the airport twice, or flew twice. I believe this practice is even illegal in the E.U.
They also do not charge you again for you luggage costs, as your luggage never left in the first place.
I find the way we were charged today morally reprehensible and totally unacceptable.
It made us feel cheated to be honest

But the fun didn’t stop there today.
The flight started with one of the flight attendant literally falling in the isle and on to my seat, no apologies or anything
Later we were offered by this same flight attendant a full version (I kid you not) of a Louis Vega song. It was like sitting in a bad karaoke bar, all while all we wanted to do was sleep.
It continued with rude comments between the staff and personal stories between the flight attendants that I believe were totally inappropriate to share with the whole back of the plane.
For the icing on the cake, another flight attendant wanted to grab something in the overhead space above our row of seats.
She subsequently dropped a large metal container of tuna fish straight into my right eye (I kid you not)
To apologize I received some ice to put on my (now) black eye.

Honestly ? is this how you run an airline, even a low cost airline (with high fees)
It was worse than being in the back of the bus on a school trip – and all that for 1316 AUD

I flew over a 1100 flights, about 100 of them with low cost airlines like Ryanair, Lionair, Nokair, Airasia, Easyjet, Southwest,
So I know something about flying and what is acceptable.
But never experienced anything like today

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine