Australian Grand Prix cancelled due to covid but Jetstar say No refund or voucher

“COVID-19’ related event
The Australian Grand Prix for 21/11/2021 has been cancelled due to covid-19 concerns. I’ve asked Jetstar for a refund or credit voucher of my return flights from Sydney on that day but they said it’s a non refundable fare. I’ve explained that I don’t need to travel to Melbourne now as the Grand Prix has been cancelled but the CSO and the manager still didn’t agree.
I explained that if I wanted to go to Melbourne at any other time it’s about $50 each way from Sydney so for 2 adults return it’s $200. As these flights are booked on Grand Prix day it’s cost me $500.
Not only is Jetstar not refunding my fare, they’re also taking advantage of the higher price gouging due to the Grand Prix event.
I’d like a refund or credit voucher ASAP
Kind regards
Alex Chiswell

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine