Please beware of Jetstar's card fees. A few days ago I booked a flight from kuala lumpur to singapore
which was around $65 usd. Towards the end, while making the payments, their credit card charge
of $12 suddenly appeared. This is way too much for a service fee....

An absolute ripoff, please don't be fooled by their offers. That's almost 20% of my flight total...
On jetstar's website, they state "A Booking and Service Fee of $8.50AUD per passenger per domestic flight and $8.50-$12.50 per passenger per international flight applies for bookings completed with any other payment type. We actively encourage our customers to complete their bookings using one of the payment methods for which no Booking and Service Fee applies."

If you actively encourage us to choose the one with no fees, just make it free. Who wants to get a jetstar card??

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur