I booked a return flight to Sydney from Brisbane, 3 weeks in advance for a very important event, for my son. The day before, in the afternoon, I receive the usual (Ahead of your flight and so on). 6 hours before departure I received a text on my phone (Your flight has been cancelled sorry but go to this website and check your options. When I went on their website, they requested a 10 digit number. I entered every group of numbers on the booking document but unfortunately it was not one of them. I even tried to talk to a real person but I did not have the 10 digit number for me to talk to anyone.
on a different page I then entered all my information and they promised to get back to me within 24 hours. A week later I am still waiting.

Two days after my flight I received a text telling me to be on time for my return flight.
How do I go back when you cancelled my flight there?

I sadly missed on my sons very special event and not everyone is computer savvy to communicate with a system that tells you that it is only a computer and my question as to (can I speak to a real person, to see my options are) is too complicated for it.

Thank you Jetstar, I am not going to tell you how many times I have flown with you but I will tell you that I will never fly with you again. I am sure you do not concern yourself with individual complaints but that's what Tiger Air thought.

I may have lost a few dollars but I will recoup it with telling everyone on chat sites and every one I know of my story.