Cancelled flight & delay on rescheduled flight

Jetstar Gold Coast to Osaka was cancelled on us 13/1/19 the day before our flight via a text message, then we were given an alternative route arriving 3 hours later then the original flight - Gold Coast to Narita then to Osaka. This second flight is now 1.5hours running late.

I vow never to fly Jetstar again, we only wanted to fly the Dreamliner Gold Coast via Cairns to Japan. I could have flown from Brisbane where we live admmitingly for more money but money isn’t an issue for us. The level of service is 2nd class and they blatantly lie to you about why the planes are cancelled saying it’s an engineering problem on a new plane. ACCC should investigate their unconscionable conduct and being a union member myself I will be taking my issues up with the unions once Bill Shorten is PM. We will take the fight to this money grabbing underserviced airline for their poor service and disregard for the consumer.

Australia-Gold Coast
Japan-Osaka (Kansai International)