Cancelled flight to Newcastle for no real reason

Our mates cancelled my flight tonight conveniently bang on 2 hours prior to scheduled departure, Quoting the risk of a thunderstorm in Brisbane. But hang on, Virgin were able to fly out with no problem and didn't cancel their flight (in fact there was no thunderstorm). I made it to Newcastle after paying an additional $220 with Virgin, and after waiting another half an hour to get my token $113 refund from Jetstar) for a cancelled one way flight. The solution they proposed was to return the next morning for a 7am flight. But I feel better paying the extra as I got here when I was meant to (no thanks to Jetstar). The only problem is that I am scheduled to fly back to Brisbane with them on Sunday. I'm almost tempted to cancel now and rebook as there is a great chance they will cancel anyway citing some vague issue like air pollution or something. Thanks Jetstar