Cancelled flight, over an hour on phone, expect me to pay for accomodation?! then HANG UP ON ME!

RE: MELBOURNE to DARWIN 15th Feb, 2011

DARWIN to MANILA 18th Feb, 2011

OK, I don't blame Jetstar for cancelling my flight from MELBOURNE to DARWIN because of bad weather, at least they cared about that. BUT when we were all asked to give our mobile numbers so they could call us about alternative flights I did not get a call and decided to call them myself because of my International transition.

I was on the Phone to a Philippines head office for OVER AN HOUR and a half (still going) , this consultant did not know what he was really doing, kept on telling me available flights then saying no no , but then there is a flight but no no, he couldn't make his mind up! After an hour we finally find a flight that he says yes to, after speaking with supervisor blah blah, I will have to fly from MELBOURNE to SINGAPORE stay overnight, pay for it (reimbursed after by faxing receipts), and next morning fly from SINGAPORE to MANILA, he is about to book it for me THEN I GET HUNG UP ON!

I call the number back and explain where we left off to the new consultant (again Philippines) I am currently on hold with the next consultant and they are saying supervisor says I HAVE TO PAY for my accomodation in SINGAPORE... ok ok whatever I get it, the bad weather wasn't their fault, but WHY IN THE HELL AREN'T YOU BOOKING MY TICKET RIGHT NOW!!! WHY HAVE YOU PUT ME ON HOLD AGAIN!!! WE HAVE FOUND A FLIGHT, WE HAVE CONFIRMED I AM PAYING FOR MY HOTEL WTF!!! GET BACK ON THE PHONE AND BLOODY BOOK IT SO I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY ACCOMODATION IN PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

yet.... I keep flying with them... why coz they are cheap... CHEAP in ALL WAYS.

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