A cancelled re-booking totally stuffed up

What a great Jetstar experience yesterday (9th January). I was in Adelaide to attend a funeral, and booked to return to Sydney on JQ 767 at 6.45 pm. Around noon on that day I got an SMS that the flight had been cancelled, but “don’t need to do anything as you have been rebooked”. No details of what the rebooking was. EIGHT attempts to contact Jetstar over the next hour resulted in finally getting through to someone who said that, no I hadn’t been rebooked; I had to ring “holidays” because I had a hotel booking on the same itinerary. Half an hour later I finally got to someone who rebooked be on flight JQ769 at 7.45 that night. OK not too bad I guess.
I arrived at the airport to discover there was no record of that booking – until it was discovered that I had been booked on 769 the NEXT night – 24 hours later, with no notification that this was what had been done. A clear error on the part of the goon on the end of the phone.
The “help” desk at the airport was useless:
• No, I cant get you on 769 tonight
• No there are no other flights
• No – there are no seats all day tomorrow until the 769 at 7.45
• No we won’t put you on a Qantas flight
• “Can I get a night’s accommodation in Adelaide?” “Yes” “Where and when” “I don’t know” “When will you know” “I don’t know. Later.”
• “What can I do?” “You can come to the airport at 6 tomorrow morning and wait all day in case a seat becomes available” “REALLY - that’s your best answer to the problem you have created?” “Yes”
I cancelled my booking, rebooked on a 6 am flight with Qantas the next morning (no accommodation assistance from Jetstar now of course!), paid for my own accommodation, and got the next morning’s Qantas flight, which was only about 2/3 full anyway – there were plenty of flights the Jetstar drones could have put me on if they’d made the effort.
Goodbye Jetstar.