Change of name.

This is an email from my mother who is getting married, she asked me to put this up as she does not have a Facebook account -
I am getting married in Bali in August - we have 72 guests travelling from Australia - apart from about 8 guests - they are all travelling with Jetstar.

We had a booking for a young lady who due to a death in her family is no longer able to travel and we have someone who would like to take the ticket. I rang Jetstar on Monday to do a name change - expecting that we will have to pay a small fee for a name change to cover any admin costs.

I originally paid $364 for the return ticket - today I am told I have to pay another $292 (name change plus fare difference) just to change a name - the original fare fee was $204.24 - I am now having to pay even more than the original fare fee just to change a name. This seems extremely over the top - I am only changing the name of who will physically be sitting in the seat. If I was changing to a different flight time or on a different day I could understand having to pay for a fare difference.

My dealings with the call centre on the 131538 number were a complete nightmare -the first person I spoke to confirmed with the young lady in question that there had been a death in the family and that is indeed the reason why she cannot travel and that she agreed to the ticket being changed - he then put me on hold while he worked out what I would have to pay - after 35 minutes of being on hold I was cut off.

I then called back and of course had to speak to someone else - when she looked up the booking there were no notes that the previous person I had spoken to had called the young lady who had a death in the family - so she had to call her again to confirm there had been a family death and that she was happy for us to change the ticket - which has been quite distressing for her. The call centre rep then placed me on hold again for approx. another 15 minutes whilst she worked out what I would have to pay - when she came back with a figure of $292 I said I thought that was too much and that I didn't agree to be having to pay a fare difference - again I am not changing the flight I am simply changing the name of the person sitting in the seat of the original booking, I asked to be put through to a Jetstar representative in Australia as the young lady in the call centre kept repeating the same thing over and over and clearly was not understanding my point of view. I was then placed on hold again for another 40 minutes before I was cut off again.

Although both customer service reps confirmed my contact details neither have called back to apologise for me being cut off or to continue on with the call.

Can anyone assist me with this?

Surely it is not fair to charge more than the original fare fee just to change the name of who sits in the seat.

I would appreciate if someone can please respond to this email and provide me with some assistance.

I have also emailed a number of Jetstar contacts – NOT ONE RESPONSE

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)