Change of Name

The following complaint letter was sent to on Mon - by Thurs with no response - I re-sent the email. I also contacted the virtual help Jetstar line advising I had a complaint and had sent the email to The virtual response (after waiting for a period of time) asked for more details. I was not able to respond immediately and after about 1 minute the virtual person said they were closing the chat line as I hadnt responded. Jetstar your customer service and care astounds me!!~!!! Please see below:

For the attention of Dean Slater- Chief Officer Jetstar

Dear Sir

Today, I called to change a name on my booking. I was advised that the existing 2nd pax had to give clearance to release his name on the flight. I advised we had recently broken up and he was unlikely to do this due to the breakdown of our relationship. I also advised all payment has been made by me on my credit card and 2nd pax has made no payment. I was advised, due to company policy, that your staff must get clearance from the said passenger.

I advised the Jetstar consultant who was attending my call that I would have to go via a friend to see if my x boyfriend would speak to me and indeed agree to let his name be removed from the flight. The Jetstar consultant held for some time whilst I attempted to contact my x's best friend to get 2nd pax to agree to his name being cancelled. My X had turned up at his friends during this time and proceeded to argue the point with comments that were totally non related to the flight. Eventually, I advised the Jetstar consultant to call 2nd pax to see if he would agree to his name being cancelled.

The Jetstar consultant advised 2nd pax did agree but I understand he was somewhat rude to her in the process.

I was getting so upset I was ready to pay $670 for a new flight for JB the new 2nd passenger given the situation with my ex boyfriend.

This whole situation, due to your Company Policy, has caused me undue stress and anxiety which is the last thing I need having just removed a violent and abusive boyfriend from my life. Your Company Policy gave him the power to once again abuse and upset me because only he could confirm his cancellation, even though I have paid for the whole trip and he is just a hanger on!!! I am already under the Doctor due to depression, anxiety and an abusive x boyfriend – YOUR COMPANY POLICY, let him enable more anxiety upon me!

This trip is supposed to be a chance to relax and be stress free from my current situation and your rules and regulations have caused me the utmost stress!

May I suggest, if the booking has been made by the lead name ie ME and fully paid for with her credit card – that it should not be necessary to get confirmation from her X boyfriend who didnt pay a cent!!!

I look forward to your response.

Still waiting for your response - it is now day 5 and not even an acknowledgement~!