Charged $320 + Flight Delay + Inconsistent "Rules"

We are left with the most unpleasant taste in our mouth both flying into and out of Australia because of Jet Star inconsistent baggage "rules". I ended up paying an EXTRA $320 in total for a $400 flight! That is almost doubling my air fares! Inconsiderate airline that preys on vulnerable travelers stuck in situations where they have not much choice but to pay the exorbitant fees "in order" to be "allowed" to get on a flight that they have already purchased! NEVER FLY JetStar again in our lives. And neither will our friends and family. No thank you. Oh... and on top of all the crap. The flight was delayed for over an hour. So, not only are they not sorry for doing a lousy job, they also want to charge you extra for it!

New Zealand-Auckland