Compassionate Refunds

Paid $404 return to Tasmania departing 8/11 Fractured tibeau, meniscus and patela damaged specialist says months on crutches maybe surgery lots of pain basically cannot walk. Spent ages with Jetstars on line representatives to obtain some assistance in getting for example a refund... as old aged pensioners typing information was soo hard. Anyway, Jetstar..change flight date/time cost $85 per flight plus fare difference... roughly an additional $462 No thanks! Jetstar...Sorry no refund see our fare rules.What about a compassionate refund Jetstar...assists customers whose travel plans are disrupted by serious ... injury. This is not a case where I can offer ... what youre asking. Guess I need to cut the leg off , what a.......s! Im going to write to Jetstar ,..when I can find an address or email. Even that is made hard . And I could not get a case ID from the chat line. What a joke!!