Covid hotspot and Refund flight

Sydney became a hot-spot very quickly with a recent outbreak in Northern beaches. I tried to manage my booking to change my flight to leave from Newcastle instead. Waited on line for nearly an hour and gave up. I booked a new return flight leaving within 24hrs of original booking flight from Newcastle. With only a day notice.

I figured the original fight I would not get refund, as flight not cancelled just my desire not reenter a hot-spot, but I did. I waited on the phone for just under an hour and they did arrange a full refund for flight from Sydney.

Jet star is definitely by far the cheapest flights you'll ever get in oz. If it wasn't for the prices they offer I would not get to see family. Yes the staff are probably underpaid and understaffed in order to give us a cheaper service. Hopefully the planes meet requirements. I am very thankful for them and I guess was willing to let original flight go without reimbursement due to both old and new flights combined still were cheaper than other airlines.