CPAP machine not allowed as carry on baggage in addition to 7 kg limit

This is my Sixth attempt to get a reply from JETSTAR Not even an acknowledgement from them toall5 emails /lettersincluding one to the General Manager dated18 May2019

email dated22 April

I recentlyflew to Sydney return from the Sunshine Coast
A short tripi only needed 7Kgcarry on baggage
I have a CPAPmachine i take with me (not used on flight)
In the pastthis has been allowed in addition to 7kg All airlines including Jetstar(not been queriued preiously)including an internationa flight(march)and a Virgin flightfrom Melbourne(march)
A phon call to Jetstar chat help (rupert) confirmed no charge BUT on boarding youwanted to charge me me $60one way

Respectfully i refer you to Gov Legistation SEC30.1 and 30.2


30.1 Disabilityaidsto be in addition to baggage allowance
(1)Disability aids(for example equipmentand apparatus including mobbility technical and medical aids) are to bei in addition to baggage allowance

2.If possibledisabilityaids are to be treatedin the same way as cabin or accompanied baggage

Conveyances Aircraft coaches ferries trains

I have tried 4 times to resolvevia online complaints but drew blanks

Please Has legistation changed? If not Whynthis ruling?Please let me have letter confirming i can take my Cpap machine on board in future no extra cost

I am not asking for refund but clarification and that you comply with legistation

A susequent letter was sent to the GM 18/05/2019 Still not a squeak

Do you really want me to go to the Ombudsman and others

Please treat me as a concerned customer We are not a third world country I demand an immediate reply
Not Happy customer
Tim Murfin

Australia-Sunshine Coast