Customer Service Fail / Third World Experience

I paid a good price to fly on the 22nd of Dec 2018.
I arrived at the domestic terminal 1.30 hours early due to the busy time of year.
My taxi could not drop me off at the terminal - instead he had to drop me in front of the Qantas Terminal where we walked around to the Jetstar Terminal and joined a line behind 150 approx other people to slowly enter the terminal to be allocated to an even slower line just to drop bags off. That line barely moved and took at least an hour to be able to drop off the bag - which was already labeled.
The flight was delayed and while waiting at the gate were moved to a second gate only to be moved back to the first gate.

The flight was good until strong turbulence rocked the plane for around 30 minutes without any information
about why the flight was taking close to 2 hours.
We did not know we had been diverted to BNE.
Busses were arranged for the three diverted flights but no care provided regarding the organisation of who was on which bus. First in best dressed - in other words whoever was the most aggressive was boarded first. It was a frightening experience to be in a hot crowd all pushing to get on a bus after waiting for an hour for them to arrive. Not one Jetstar representative was available for the whole hour.
Today I have felt ashamed of Jetstar and their vision of Customer Service.
I understand peak times ie; Christmas and I understand that weather is beyond Jetstars control. What I do not understand is the absence of any management staff- and bottles of water-or any organisation for the attempted recovery.
Jetstar you need a team for such situations. A team of Customer Service people who can help with the management of all the failures to show customers that you are doing your best.
Today was truly a third world airline experience - something I never expected to find in Australia.
Your sincerely
Lynne Power

Australia-Gold Coast