Disabled and ignored

I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney on 10/12/19. I have a severe knee problem and arranged for staff assistance. Melbourne staff were fine but on arriving in Sydney there were so many dramas! I was left unattended in a wheel chair in the gate lounge for over an hour. Passengers saw my distress and called a staff member over who addressed me in a tempered state and my stress escalated to tears. Passengers offered to bear witness to the incident. Finally a staff member arrived and took me down to luggage collection and promptly left me in the wheel chair and disappeared. My luggage was not on any carousel and I made my own way to a baggage desk where a lovely lady took a description of my bag, located it and wheeled me to a taxi. I arrived at Melbourne at 3pm for a 4.30pm flight and was dropped to my Sydney address at 9.30pm.
On 10/12/19 Jetstar’s systems were down and both airports were in chaos. My flight out of Melbourne was delayed but I was kept informed while waiting but not told prior to my leaving home. Sydney was very bad and the experience caused me to be traumatised so on my return flight 30/12/19 I arrived at Sydney airport in a visibly upset state reliving the past experience. Staff were aware by then of what had been my previous experience and I arrived in Melbourne without incident and treated as all passengers should be treated with dignity and respect.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine