Disgusting, unprofessional and scandalous-NEVER again!

I took my 82 year old Mum up to Sydney last Weds to see her grandchildren and we flew back on Sunday 29/8/18.
Our experience with Jetstar was a nightmare- the flight to Sydney was cancelled and rescheduled once, the return flight was cancelled and rescheduled another FOUR times! Luckily I saw the message, as there were no calls or explanations, and it took hours to sort with very poor service.
Our flight was pushed back from 6.15 to 10.pm- I didn't get home until 2 AM.
The staff were gobsmackingly rude,unprofessional, thug like , careless and indifferent- It was noted that particularly non white passengers were being picked upon to have their luggage weighed, which included their hand bags with their luggage to make up the 7 kg allowance,( is this unique to this airline?) to be then publicly humiliated and extortionate fees demanded. We were 2 kgs overweight, due to my hand bag, and our small cabin bag was then forced to be placed in the luggage hold- causing further delays on arrival as we had to then wait at the luggage carousel- not good when you have an exhausted and frail Mum with you.
When their own staff tell you - an eye rolling unattractive fish lipped hostee called Rachel-" if you don't like it- find yourself another airline!- after she had spent 20 minutes shouting and telling customers off for trying to put their coats and bags away.She was shouting- yes shouting and telling people off for putting knap sacs and coats away, because they were not the right shape!" something is very wrong and out of control. No service was availed to us at all during the flight-deliberately.
On disembarkation down a steep flight of mobile steps, my elderly mother was warned to be careful, but no assistance was given to help, as Rachel was too busy on her iphone , and I had to manage all our luggage and pray that Mum didn't fall.
I would be embarrassed to be associated with a business run like this- one of the other aggrieved passengers, (and there were many) said it was a deliberate company ploy to encourage you to pay higher fees.
Any way -none of my family will ever fly this airline or the previous not quite as bad Tiger airways who were shocking, ever again- vote with your feet- that all this company deserves- when they are brought down, only then may they appreciate who actually kept them in business in the first place- and you don't shit on your customers if you are smart- this lot don't appear to be.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine