Don't fly jetstar

I have had a bad experience with jetstar before but my partner surprised me with a return airfare to see my son in qld returning with jetstar! Returning to Adelaide from Brisbane on Tuesday l got to the airport early to find jetstar had delayed the flight...twice! Also they changed the gate number 3 times and l was so stressed running around the huge Brisbane airport trying to find the right gate! In all l waited at the airport for 5 hours! At long last we boarded and sat in our seats. Jetstar crew told us they were refuleing so it would take a little bit longer for departure Next the pilot announced ... "BAD news this flight is cancelled please collect your luggage any inquiries please go to the service desk" what???? Surely jetstar would have known the flight was to be cancelled BEFORE we all boarded their plane and buckled up? There was NO explanation and NO apology! When l went to the carasol to collect my bag it was announced that we were rebooked for 8am tomorrow morning. I had to ring my son to come and pick me up. He lives over an hour away so it was a long way to come back. I'm sure not all passengers were as lucky to have someone pick them up or any available accommodation. We took off the next day very early and got caught in bumper to bumper traffic due to an accident the trip to the airport took us over 2 hours. I was stressed that l might miss the plane..but it was delayed by nearly 2 hours ...l should have known! Once airborne me and no doubt all the same passengers front the day before felt relieved but nervous if anything else would go wrong with jetstar. But we made it back home! My advice....don't fly with jetstar!