Extra legroom bungle

Booked a trip to gold coast flying this websites favorite airline. We paid extra to get seats with extra legroom as I know "the airline that cannot be named" has small seats. Firstly they delayed the flight for 30 mins and then we boarded the plane. all ok. Got seated and then stewardess noticed I had hearing aids and that we would have to change seats. The reason is that the extra legroom seats are emergency exit routes and people there are asked to help if required. No issue am am 57 years young. I said that the hearing aids were a trial (they actually are) and I would take them out as it wasn't required. Her response was "I have seen them ". This pissed me off no end and I will battle them on this. I know I will get the extra leg room refunded so if u fly Jetstar and I hope you never will and u book the seats with extra room do not wear your hearing aids. This is blatant discrimination, my wife has glasses and she had no issue. Jetstar, if you're reading this a lawsuit is coming.....
Signed by an angry lawyer

New Zealand-Auckland
Australia-Gold Coast