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Date: 8 January 2020 at 2:12 pm
To: Jetstar Customer Care customer.care@jetstar.com
I was banned from boarding a Jetstar flight on 4/9/19 from Mackay to Brisbane because I was accused of urinating on a fence on the tarmac of Mackay Airport during the boarding procedure by a Jetstar Steward standing 50 metres away. Despite the opportunity to physically inspect the site for 'fluid' the Jetstar flight Supervisor refused to do so not just once, but over and over. I had/have done nothing illegal or untoward but I had to stay over night in Mackay, miss a medical appointment in Brisbane the next morning and pay for several additional expenses. I was basically very up set about what had happened PARTICULARLY the FALSE ALLEGATION and then the PROCESS of judgement.
Apart from wanting my expenses refunded I wanted an apology from the Steward who lied. Well i got the money but not the apology and remain very concerned about what is done to you as a ticketed member of the Austral;ian travelling public when accusations are made against you at Jetstar.
Here is a copy of my reply letter to the Customer Representative\ on the receipt of the expense monies.
I received the money today.
I truly appreciate your assistance.
I also remain sincerely concerned about the attitude that certain Jetstar crew have that leads them to tell lies about and deny natural justice to their customers. The destructive potential of what happened to me when I was refused entry to my flight was enormous. As a result of the actions of members of the Jetstar crew any number of bad outcomes could have happened to me on the night in question due to my mental and physical condition following the incident. Through no fault of my own I became both extremely distressed and seriously ill as well as finding myself abandoned at a closed airport at 10 pm at night in Mackay Queensland. Those Jetstar Crew people who made false allegation against me did not care in the slightest for my well being and yet that is legally part of their jobs. One after another, from the Steward who supposedly ’saw’ (from 50 metres away) me perform the ‘alleged’ act, to the crew that backed her allegation (none of them actually having seen anything to do with her allegation) and ultimately to the Supervisor who barred me from the plane on the word of the Steward because (in her words) "she could not afford to call her a liar in front of her other staff". Despite the fact that the opportunity existed to inspect the site where I had supposedly urinated on the wall and therefore once and for all gain closure to the allegation, the Supervisor refused to inspect the area. Not once but 3 times she flatly refused to look for evidence or the lack of it. Her inaction was a direct act of bias against me by refusing the proof of natural justice. Basically these Jetstar staff entrapped me, made false accusation against me and denied me the natural justice of allowing me to prove my case. I was purely and simply set up by these people and I still have no understanding why. I did nothing illegal or untoward to anyone.
You and your colleagues are involved in the business of mass person transport which includes an emphasis on taking care of your passengers and protecting them and yet according to my experience and the experience of significant numbers of others detailed on the ‘I Hate Jetstar Page’ on the Internet, it is a common occurrence for people to be banned from Jetstar flights because of something they ‘supposedly' said or did as ‘alleged' by Jetstar Crew. There exists strange consistencies between my own story and the tales that others tell about false accusations made against them by Jetstar Crew. These people I speak of were also found ‘guilty' and banned from flying by a Kangaroo Court of 2 - I Steward and 1 Supervisor as well as being deprived of access to natural justice which should have allowed them to tell their side of the story. Innocent until proven guilty is the accepted legal process but the Jetstar court is the opposite. Guilty as accused with immediate sentencing.
I certainly hope that these strange consistencies don’t interfere with yours, the crews' and the airlines' ability to deliver a quality product and fulfil your professional and legal obligations to the travelling public of Australia. Perhaps when more of these strange consistencies are documented and the stories become more outrageous and unbelievable, the Australian travelling public will vote with its feet and quickly determine the future of Jetstar Australia.
Paul Crosisca
On 3 Jan 2020, at 11:17 am, Jetstar Customer Care wrote:

Hi Paul,
Thank you for replying with the bank details.
As explained to you over the telephone, any findings of investigations with our staff are not shared with the public for privacy reasons.
I can confirm the staff were of the belief your actions in the airport terminal and outside on the way to the aircraft were questionable and it is for this reason you were denied boarding. I have given them the details you shared with me and explained why you felt they made a poor decision. I also explained to them that I would be refunding the out of pocket expenses you incurred. I can assure you the situation has been escalated to the airport management team for review, however this is all I am able to comment on.
I have requested the refund, so please allow 3 - 5 business days for it appear on your statement. All the best for 2020!
Yours sincerely,
Jetstar Customer Care Representative

Customer Advocacy Team Leader
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