Falsely told I would be reimbursed after flight cancellation

My flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed by over five hours, during this period I waited patiently at the airport. Finally we were told the flight was cancelled and despite it being early afternoon, the attendant told me that there were no flights available and that I had no choice but to be booked onto a flight scheduled to leave the following day. I was told by the male flight attendant who rescheduled my booking that JetStar would reimburse my transportation costs from the airport. I was advised to take an Uber from the airport and then click the reimbursement button to get a refund.

However, when applying to be reimbursed I was told via their Livechat bot that JetStar would not be reimbursing my ride as my trip was within a 50km zone from the airport. This is in stark contrast to what the JetStar attendant who rescheduled my cancelled flight had told me. I was specifically informed that under the cancellation policy and as my flight was rescheduled to the following day that JetStar would pay for my Uber trip which came to $83. I am now being told that as I can't remember the exact name of the flight attendant who told me that JetStar would pay for transportation from the airport, that I'm not entitled to be reimbursed.

I feel extremely let down by JetStar, not only was my flight delayed by over five hours and then cancelled and I was put onto a flight the next day but I was told and took JetStar's word that they would pay for my transportation from the airport. The cost of the Uber was very expensive $83 and I want to be reimbursed like I was promised, I would have taken a much cheaper bus from the airport if I wasn't told that JetStar would cover my transportation costs. This isn't good enough, a business should uphold its promises to customers. It's bad enough losing a day of holiday and the cost of overnight accommodation but just another kick in the guts to be told JetStar would pay for my transportation costs and then being stung with an $83 Uber fare with JetStar reneging on their promise.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine