Family Christmas/NY nightmare

I was due for a family Christmas/new year’s trip to Lombok December 2014. I will take credit for some of the miscommunication, but all in all I was extremely displeased with the feedback and “service” provided to me.

I’m 22 and have a Dutch passport, unfortunately this was a 2/3 days off the 6 month validity. I’m not much of a traveller due financial commitments and my family and I weren’t fully sure about the processes/policies. We called Jet star 3 times before our trip and was advised by THREE different jet star workers (explaining the whole situation of our passport months before our actual trip) that listening to our circumstances we WERE able to use the passports my dad and I had.

During the day of my trip, I was very excited for my first holiday of the year with my family, especially during Christmas break. I got to the airport expecting everything was going to be ok but was told due to my passport I unable to go. My dad had the same issue, only he had a visa in his passport that made it ok for him to go through (just).

I called on that exact same day, explained AGAIN that I couldn’t go through and they said they would put a note into the system saying it was ok. We waited for that email which the people at the airport received… only to find that they wrote completely opposite of what they said on the phone which was “YES! YOU CAN GO THROUGH”.

I told my family they could go on holiday without me and cried the whole way back... They said I could apply for a temporary passport so I reschedules my flights which cost more money and found out after that Indonesia doesn’t accept temporary passports…. And it would take me at least a month to receive my Dutch passport.

I lost over $1000 due to wrong information provided, send them multiple emails and only just got a response last week (after calling them 5 times demanding I get at least a bit of feedback). They advised that they can’t track the calls I made (even though they have a recording before you speak to an operator that the phone call will be recorded) and it’s been another week with no one telling what’s going on.

I spent Christmas and new year’s on my own Crying. Thanks Jet star for putting me through all this stress and refusing at least a bit of my money back in flight credits.

And a big thank you for only sending me 1 email back for the past 5 months. You will be hearing from me soon (again for the sixth time) and i'll be demanding at least a credit since it was YOUR employees that gave me the wrong information FOUR times (at least).

and your explamation saying that you "can't find the calls" is unacceptable. Take the recording off the call you get if you can't seem to find any of the calls i placed. I can even give you a time and date if you're that incompetent.

I seriously hope someone from jetstar sees this, because a storm will be coming your way soon if i don't get a call withing "15 business days"

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)