Finally Had A Win, But Almost Suffered An Aneurysm

So I booked flights last year from Cairns direct to Auckland, and they then cancelled that leg prior to my flight, which was fine, as they gave me new flights, which I managed to get from Townsville, and paid no extra. This work out really well. For my trouble, they then issued me with a $50 voucher for every person travelling, and a $100 for every person on the booking travelling for the return flight, as it was now an overnight stop in Sydney. Great, I had my wife and 6 children, so we scored $1200 in vouchers, to be used within 6 months.

So 3 months is now up, and I come to use them. They are void, for no apparent reason, and no one will help, and tell me I must file a complaint, which may take 2 - 3 weeks to get a response. No good, as I am trying to use the vouchers to fly my wife back for a funeral in 5 days. After 3 days of getting nowhere, I ring the 03 8628 3400 (Melbourne) number, and they advise they cannot do anything. I argue repeatedly, and get shunted around, deliberately placed on hold, but still I persist, and keep ringing them (5 -6 times) and getting through. I lost count of the number of times it rang out.

Finally the lady on reception has had enough, and says someone will call me shortly, which someone does. I explain my problem, and he says someone will definately call me regarding it in the next 10 minutes, which someone does. In literally 10 seconds of this person typing on the keyboard, he has fixed the void vouchers problem, and then says he will call back in 1 hour to check that I have had no issues using them. Again, he actually does call back, but I am having trouble using the vouchers with reservations, so he asks what flights I require, and says he will book them, and email me the itinerary, and phone back. All this actually happens, and he was actually very helpful.

So, moral of the story - If you are getting nowhere with the calls centres, ring the Melbourne number incessantly, as there are definately people located here in Australia that have the power and privilage to make any system changes, despite them trying to tell you they cannot help. Do not let the Melb office transfer you at all, as they will send you to yet another call centre in the Phillipines. Do not let up, and eventually you can get ur little slice of justice, but you may also suffer an aneurysm as I almost did.


New Zealand-Auckland