Flight Cancellation & Poor Customer Service Management

I would like to express my concerns for my fellow passengers who have waited countless hours in a long queue due to two factors; The cancellation of flight JQ502 from MEL to SYD and the lack of staff to manage Customer Service. I don't mean to be rude but, Your partner Qantas seems to have never long waits. I don't know wether it's just because no one is using their domestic
services or if its their efficient customer service. As valued customers, I believe stranded passengers that have had flights canceled should be treated to complementary champagnes and light snacks.
I am also exteremly dissapointed that my flight was cancelled without any notifications, furthermore, I did not receive an apology and was tossed from this service desk to the other.
It is not much of an issue having your flight cancelled, but at least let us know. I mean, Cmon man. And then having to wait in a massive queue to have boarding passes reprinted, No way.
Have an awesome New Year,

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine