Flight cancelled and stuck at transition

Absolutely ridiculous experience. Our flight from Christchurch to Sydney got cancelled without notification. At first, I thought may be I didn’t receive their email notification because I booked through a third party. Later on I found out that my third party company have never received any notification regarding the cancellation at all. Regardless of who’s story is true, I was really disappointed with the way how Jetstar handled the incident. As they told us there’s no direct flight to Sydney on the day which left us no choice but to wait at the airport for more than 16 hours to transit through Melbourne. That’s not the worst. Soon after we were advised that we need to stay overnight at Melbourne and take the flight in the next morning to go back to Sydney. Two different staffs confirmed with us that there will be accommodation provided for us once we get to the Melbourne airport. I asked the staff for relevant paperwork as evidence and she told us to make contact with staffs at Melbourne airport. When we finally arrived at the Melbourne airport, there was no one at the service desk at all. We were really upset and absolutely disgusted by their so-called “service”. Never ever fly with Jetstar again.

New Zealand-Christchurch