Flight Cancelled. Mixed messages from Phillipines cell centre morons.

My flight from the Gold Coast to Adelaide today was cancelled at the last minute. Im not sure why.
The next flight was not until tomorrow so I rebooked.
This was very inconvenient because I missed my business meeting in Adelaide and lost one night at the hotel I had pre booked.
Jetstars call centre is staffed by Philippine morons with the intellect of five year olds. They told my I could spend $150 on a hotel and $30 on a meal as compensation. The first one told me I could use this when I got to Adelaide.
This sounded a bit strange so I called again. The second one told me that I could not use it in Adelaide only on the Gold Coast.
I live about 40 minutes drive from the airport. I had an idea that I would use it on a hotel next to the airport so I could wake up early and wouldn't miss the flight.
Then I re-read the email terms and they said that you must live at least 50km from the airport to qualify.
Confused I called again. The third woman was the dumbest of all. I had to explain the situation several times speaking very slowly.
She told me to go ahead and book and I would be compensated I shouted at her that id explained 3 times that I live on the Gold Coast. Then she changed her mind and said I didn't qualify for compensation.

Its lucky I didn't book the hotel because it seems there would have been no refund.

After I take this flight it will be the last time I ever fly Jet Star.

Australia-Gold Coast