The flight delay from hell

the jetstar flight was due to leave march 5, @ 10.30am from Proserpine QLD. Boarded the plane only to be told that a bird had hit one of the nav lights and everyone will need to disembark and await further instruction. An announcement over the loudspeaker "we regret the any delays and are attempting to fly an engineer from ( wherever) to inspect the damaged light. An hr later next announcement "flight has been cancelled as we are unable to get an engineer here until tomorrow.
So..100 plus passengers line up again to have further instructions explained. the flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 10 am and will depart for Melbourne (not sydney) and fly from melbourne to sydney arriving at aprox 8pm March 6. Its now 7 pm and all passengers have been bussed to an Airlie beach motel where they will stay for the night with a $15 meal voucher and %25 off a breakfast order (which ended up costing $18 anyway) and be bussed back to the terminal for a 10am departure.
Arrive at the terminal the following day to be told that the flight has been delayed till 1.30pm and due to crew shortages the flight from melbourne may also be delayed or cancelled. will be boarding the plane soon. who knows what else could go wrong between here melbourne and sydney in the next 8 hrs. estimated hrs for a 2hr flight from Proserpine to sydney is now at 32 hrs.

in addition to all this, just tried to go on the jetstar website to book another flight (stupid i know) and had mastercard payment declined twice. tried again and was notified that it couldn't be reattempted for another 30 min. tried 30 min later. declined again.went on another travel site and booked the same flight in 10 min..

many of the passengers had their entire holiday ruined because of connecting flights and an inability to reschedule their itinerary.

update.....the flight from melbourne to sydney has now also been canceled. now looking like a 2 hrs flight turning into a 48hr flight..

update...the flight from melbourne has most definitely been cancelled and shitstar has offered a flight at 11 am tomorrow (march 7)..who knows. the way things are going the flight tomorrow may be cancelled tomorrow as well

a brief summary. from what was supposed to be a 2 hr flight from Proserpine to sydney turned into a 3 day episode with a re route to melbourne.

thankyou. SHITSTAR your a logistical joke.

Australia-Sunshine Coast