Flight delayed by more than 12 hours - no way to cancel accommodation that we couldn't use as a result of the delay - cannot contact Jetstar Holidays from overseas

Our flight from Darwin to Bali was delayed by more than 12 hours - we did not get notice until shortly after midnight (when of course everyone asleep in preparation for early flight. This was, of course, too late to make changes to onward bookings.

As a result missed flight out of Bali by about 2 hours and had to rebook entire business-class trip to Europe.

Between the return flight from Europe and the jetstar flight from Bali back to Darwin we had booked a hotel for one night. As a result of having to rebook our flights from Bali to Europe, we could not use the Bali hotel booking on return trip.

Called Jetstar on the number provided with out hotel booking (+61 3 9645 5999) to attempt to cancel hotel booking. Was told that we must call Jetstar Holidays and that the call centre could not help except to give us two number for Jetstar holidays - BOTH numbers were numbers that can only be called from within Australia (we are overseas of course).

Told the operator that we could not call numbers and waa told that there is nothing they can do for us.

This happened on four different occasions when I tried to contact Jetstar both by telephone and through online chat. Bottom line "You cannot call JETSTAR HOLIDAYS from anywhere except Australia or New Zealand".

So attempted to lodge a complaint on the Jetstar website - the phone operators said "can't help you need to call Jetstar Holidays - on one of the two numbers you cannot call from overseas".

Tried the Jetstar Holidays website. There is no email address and the complaint process can only be started by online chat. The online chat operator is not available at any time (I tried for hours and days - there is never a link to commence an online chat just messages saying that the service is unavailable or too busy to initiate a chat).

Tried to complain to Airline Customer Advocate Team - you CANNOT unless you have a reference number from the organisation you are trying to complain about.

At this stage it looks like hotel booing is forfeited with absolutely no recourse or opportunity to appeal. I will nev er book any service through Jetstar Holidays again and if there is an alternative I will fly with pretty-much anyone else.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)