Flight delayed no support on destination for missed fligjt connection to Jakarta with different airline

Dear All,
Yesterday 26th of August, the Jetstar fligth JQ81 from Darwin to Bali was delayed 2h30! The flight was schedulled to 19h25 and only take off from Darwin at 21h!

At Darwin airport the Jetstar staff was confirming that on the arrival, there was Jetstar staff to support us and give us night acomodation and add us on the next flight to Jakarta... as we would miss the domestic flight of Citilink airline from Bali to Jakarta!

When we arrived Bali we went looking for the Jetstar staff, that actually doesnt exist, as they subcontract the service to the indonesian airport handling company!

The handling staff didnt have any information or instruction about the flight delay, and after calls from local staff and myself to Jetstar customer service numbers nobody could assume any responsability due to lack of information or instruction to our case!

On my phone conversation with the customer service, the operator Mr. Mike, recommended me to overnight in Bali by my own expenses and claim it latter to Jetstar in the claim form that I should downloaded from Jetstar site... Surrealiste!

Meanwhile, my wife went to citilink desk and manage to add us on the next morning flight with no costs due to the jetstar delayed, that was great, a indonesian low cost company with better service and attitude than a first world lowcost airline that promote it self to be one of te best lowcost airline in he world... Shame on you JETSTAR!!!

I will now promote myself as the pain in the ass of Jetstar untill Jetstar refounds us the hotel costs, taxi, meals and a working day wasted due to this Jetstar delay with no sence of responsability and no sensitiveness on the impact of personal lifes that an airline can have for the result of lack of service operations!

Dont fly with Jetstar!!!
Paulo Conceicao

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)