Forced to board in TORRENTIAL rain even though flight running early - Dangerous Slippery. Total LACK OF CARING

Threatened with removal for saying I was going to place a complaint!

Forced to board in TORRENTIAL rain. I asked for a towel and complained about the care for Jetstar’s customers that it was too much to walk in torrential rain for 50 metres and then wait outside the plane door in the rain whilst boarding passes were checked (again they had already been checked at the outer gate).

People were slipping onto each other, some people were running and jostling to get out of the rain quicker - it was very dangerous.

It is important to note the plane DID NOT need to board as it was running early to schedule, the captain should have delayed the boarding by 10 to 15 minutes.

No towels No blankets - soaked to the skin but Gee Wizz, say you are going to complain, and you will be threatened with expulsion.

Last time I looked a complaint without raised voices and no swearing wasn’t a crime - but in the eyes of Jetstar not so.

When I said I was going to complain, I was told to place my complaint to the airport, when I said I would be placing MY complaint to JETSTAR that’s when I was told I’d be kicked off for being UNHAPPY!

Even though I then sat down and said nothing this nasty flight attendant with relish said it over and over again trying to incite me. I refused to engage at this point. He also looked over at other passengers, trying to get them 'in on it' saying "I cant believe it" ! The only bad behaviour on the flight was HIS...

He then went several rows forwards. I heard many many people complaining, I heard him saying to other if you don't want to fly ....if you're unhappy....

Some basic care for your customers offering ponchos - you could buy these in bulk no doubt for a few cents each, having disposable towels.

Pressuring Gold Coast airport alongside Qantas to provide shuttles or undercover walkways should be the least done. Someone soon will fall and your cost will be enormous.

Having your staff trained in complaint management and diplomacy would also be a great start. Teach your inflight staff to turn a complaint around, seeing it as an opportunity to show exceptional service...

I have since tried to complain but the Live Chat makes it impossible the system works that the chat asks for your complaint in detail so you type it all in....then you get a screen saying don't close your browser, or navigate away from the chat window and that it can take up to 24 hours for them to reach your live chat.

BUT then it also mentions it can even be 48 hours, I mean seriously how can you stay waiting waiting waiting to air your complaint unable to use your computer?

I'm going to go snail mail and wait.

Dreadful service from the care of the Captain (nice and dry), the Cabin Crew (nice and dry) and couldn't care less from the provider of the flight to hear a grievance or suggestions.

JETSTAR if you cannot service live chat then change it to a complaint form you can fill out and then you later respond to.

The truth of the matter is they do this to get rid of the bulk of complaints making it just too hard.

Exactly the same as the young slim asian flight attendant fellow - (on JQ-415 on 19th February 2021 departing Gold Coast at 18.25 pm to Sydney servicing the rear of the plane name approximately Chicadeka. My description is such as the other flight attendant at the rear was also a fellow, and I do not want there to be any mistake in who was the rude staffer with delusions of self importance), - Jetstar too just doesn't want to hear about it or any other complaints!

I completely, completely believe other reviews on the web that Jetstar puts customers on hold for lengthy times, and then when they get back to the phone sometimes 1/2 hour later will hang up pretending they cannot hear you on the line - too many people say it for it not to be true, and their innate disregard of any customer that expresses complaints seems to be the Jetstar 'culture' throughout all levels of the organisation.

Australia-Gold Coast